Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pumpkin Patch fun

Again - let me say...the reason I have a blog is just how fun it is to look back and see how things change.  Like these 2.  So so crazy to think that this is what they looked like at the pumpkin patch in 2014...

Jack & Charlie - bffs for life

....and THIS is what they looked like just two years ago at 6 months and 2 months at the pumpkin patch in Gardner.  Time flies, kids grow up, but luckily parents stay friends!!

Last they are at 14 months and 18 months too at Deanna Rose...

Emily did the stellar job of planning our outing this year and researching where the best pumpkin patch would be to visit.  Since Gardner one closed and last year we didn't want to pay extra money to go to the one in Deanna Rose last year, she found Kerby Farm in Bonner Springs, which is not too far from our houses so we headed out last Saturday morning.  

You would think it wouldn't be FREEZING the first weekend in October.  But it was.  Like so windy.

However, we braved the wind and the boys had a blast running around.  They had so many fun activities and Charlie and Jack are at a great age to enjoy all the stuff.  To name a few - they had a swing set, farm animals, a little place to ride bikes, an area to throw bean bags, lots of fun slides, some BIG construction tunnel things that they loved running through, a fun tractor ride (that Jack did - Charlie didn't) and a "spooky" house - which Charlie was obsessed with.  

Maddie was snuggled up next to me with a blanket over her in the Ergo sleeping the whole time, which was ideal - but then we had to pull them out for pictures.  And this is what we got!!

Finally a smile from Maddie!!! 

Then?  It was time for some family pictures.  Thanks Emily for some great ones despite the wind!!

Then I had to try to get one of Maddie similar to what we did with Charlie at this same age - Maddie is a month ahead of Charlie at these stages, since they are 23 months apart, but it is pretty fun to have them in the same month just two years apart and have all these comparison pictures!!

Of course, with one more kid in tow...we got NO adult pictures.  Which is a huge bummer because we never get pictures together, unless we are at weddings.  So next time - I'll just put Maddie in the stroller so I can actually take pictures of the adults too!!

It was so fun and what a fun tradition that was started 2 years ago with some great friends!!!!

Checking this off our "fall" list for sure!

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  1. Love this. I can't wait to take both kids to the pumpkin patch this year. I love blogging for the same exact reason.