Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It feels like fall around here

We are starting our second year since we moved to western Olathe and our second year since we started attending Church of the Resurrection West, since we had previously attended COR at Leawood campus.  

And we love it!! What else do we love?! The fall festival that they host for the church and community every year!!  We attended last year as a family of 3 and it was even more fun this year as a family of 4!!  

See what I mean?!? This sweet girl was happy to be at the fall fest!

Of course, the festival was right during the Royal's ALCS game versus the Oriele's (you've heard that the Royal's are kicking butt- right??).  So once I pulled Jimmy away for the 5 minute drive to church after the fifth inning, he and Maddie hung out in the sanctuary watching the game while Charlie and I ventured outside for all the games.

Of course he went straight for the bounce house.  I thought we were going to get out of it because they all deflated right when we got down there- blew a fuse- but no worries. They were running again soon and we got on line.  First was the obstacle course one.  Luckily, a friend's dad went in with his son and Charlie to help him over the wall he couldn't climb.  But then when Charlie got to the end and figured out it was the end- he turned right around and said "bye bye" to me. Little punk.  And then we got in the big bouncer and he wouldn't come out. 

So essentially this was how we both felt. 

Yes- this is him throwing a fit.  I secretly was mad but laughing all at once.  

Dad made it all better with Cheetos of course.

The best part?!  Besides the animals and hay ride with Papa and Aunt Lulu...

....was the sky.  Oh my! I love living out west because of these every day!

Did I mention there was candy?! Oh yeah there was. Charlie wouldn't put it down...even for a picture with his mom!!

Then the sun set, the Royal's WON and it was time for fireworks!!!  We were so excited because Charlie has never seen them before because his little sister made her appearance this July 4th!

The verdict?  He liked them!  The booms were a little loud but when we went to church the next day, he couldn't stop talking about the hot fireworks!! So I think they were a hit!

Even Maddie loved them.  Here are some pictures that I took from our church's Facebook page because let's be honest- my attempt to photograph them are NOTHING like this!! 


Finally- can we talk about Maddie?! I mean we hit the baby jackpot. Seriously.  She was perfect and just sat in her car seat the whole time, awake, just staring at all the people walking around and the fireworks.  Not even a hint of being sad and lots of smiles.  

I'm not going to lie when I say because of her behavior as a baby so far- I'm quite terrified of what her toddler or teenage years will look like.

But overall it was another awesome event that we all enjoyed and helped us get in the fall spirit!!!

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