Friday, October 31, 2014

A toy filled Halloween 2014

Oh Halloween.

Seriously - you snuck up on us.  This Royal's season + World Series these last few weeks have not made it easy to focus on anything else...including this fun holiday.

Luckily mama attempted to plan ahead a little bit.  Originally, I was going for Tarzan and a monkey because Charlie is obsessed with that movie.  But you try and find a skin/tan/nude colored tan sweat suit for a 2 year old.  I swear I thought that Hanes would just have them at WalMart, but no such luck.  After some searching and even stooping as low to buy girls tan the midst of a late night internet search I got an email from saying that their costumes were 40% off and just like that, we had a Woody and a Jessie costume being shipped to our house.


And then I raided my basement stash of dog costumes and just like that...we had this picture.

Hahaha.  At least we did get everyone somewhat looking.  Maddie is looking into space and Charlie is eating fruit snacks and you can get a glimpse of my mom's arm (on the left) and Jimmy's arm and leg (one the right).  

The last few years, we used to order and ship the cards for us - which was super efficient and since we both worked at Hallmark we got a great discount.  This year, we both have new jobs and I waited a little too late to go with my normal card order at due to a 5-7 business day turn around for their cards (I really REALLY like their cards and invites by the way), so I tried out the same store printing from  With an online 40% code, they were a very competitive price (a little more and less competitive without the code, but might make up for it with a fast turnaround).  I have to say that they were a little more thin then I would have liked and you could see the perforation on the sides so they literally just printed them and tore them off.  However...they were done in literally an hour for a good price.  And it was kind of nice to be able to write a little note on them to the small list of family and friends that we sent them to instead of just having them sent right from the production.  Just my opinion in case you are looking for some inexpensive but great (and fast) cards to send for any occasion.  Because let's be honest - everyone likes fun mail! 

Check out our Halloween cards here from:

Also - I'm linking up with some awesome girls at The Girl in Red Shoes and Schue Love for the Halloween costume party.  Check out their blogs - they are great and both have sons Charlie's age, so it's even more fun for me to read their blogs; Julie's cute son is Woody too!

And best of all - outtakes of the photo shoot!!!

Maddie is VERY focused on her pacifier!

And very horrified of what Nana is trying to do! (which is corral Willy!)

Charlie is really into his fruit snacks and my mom is trying REALLY hard to get the dogs to sit still.  Easier said than done... you can see above because Toby is off.

The only thing that brought a smile to his face was the fruit snack bribery

And we ALMOST got one out of Maddie...

But then she started to lose it...

And Charlie decided to offer up his Woody doll - which she wasn't quite sure what to think.

Then he shoved it in her face...and well, she was done.  #littlesisterproblems

But this kid was pretty happy playing with his Toy Story friends!!

And really - that smile on his face is all that matters!!!

I cannot wait for tomorrow to take him trick or treating!  It's so crazy how different it will be than last year.  Not only do we have another baby in tow and Charlie is 27 months old TODAY, but he actually kind of gets the concept of trick or treating, have been practicing saying it (including during our trip to my work party Thursday afternoon where we trick or treated around to everyone's desks and offices - very fun!) for candy of course and will tell everyone that he's Woody for Halloween and Maddie is Jessie.  Except on the rare occurrence he thinks he is still Tarzan.  Oops.

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!! And how the heck is it November tomorrow.

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  1. The outtakes are always *almost* as good as the best picture. Happy trick-or-treating tonight! xoxo

  2. So, so cute! And yes to the Royals kind of "ruining" the month of October, in the best way possible, of course, and I'm not complaining one bit! But I didn't get out one piece of fall decor, didn't paint paint pumpkins, we didn't even carve pumpkins...pretty sure that's a major #momfail!! Especially in blog land!