Friday, October 24, 2014

Getaway to the lake!

It's funny because when I mention to people that we were going to the lake this past weekend, most people look confused and say "you're going to the lake in October? Isn't the water a little cold".  I laugh because they obviously don't know my family- we don't go to the lake (or any beach even) to just go to the lake.  There is ALWAYS a shopping involved.  So regardless of the month or the weather, shopping is always an option. Oh and a chance to just get away from it all.  And that we did!

We have done this the last couple years with my side of the family.  It started in 2012 right after I had Charlie and my mom wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday. At that time I was a first time mom to a one month old and I told her all I wanted was just a weekend out of my house, but not to do anything crazy of course because Charlie was still so little and nursing quite often.  And from that, she got me the most wonderful birthday present.  My parents, sister and my little family went down to the Lake of the Ozarks and we've been doing it since!

This time?  We did a whole lot of nothing and just enjoyed our time all under the same roof.  which meant a lot of hanging in our underwear watching Woody and gang.

Hmmm..or maybe that was just Charlie??

His dad and his papa did some of this...

Papa even got in some snuggle time with Maddie! (usually Charlie hogs him!)

Now - I was doing the same thing, but luckily no one documented it.  Because I felt AWFUL.  Like 100 degree fever on the drive down and then like poop all Friday night and Saturday until about 2PM.  I had a crazy week at work and was overall up late and then up again early - so not sure if it was just exhaustion that caused it or I caught the 24 hour thing that Charlie had mid-week that Jimmy stayed home with him for.

Either way - I was VERY thankful for the extra hands around to help out with my sweet kids while I laid in bed.  I don't think I would have been feeling better if I had not have gotten some good sleep!!

Charlie enjoyed every second of the lake.  From bossing his Papa around and going inside and outside and upstairs and downstairs every five seconds changing his mind to stuffing Nana's delicious spaghetti sauce in his face and to stealing Papa's Andes mints...

what a hoot this kid is.

Saturday afternoon, my mom, sister and Casey headed out to go to the outlets while I was still snoozing and then my dad, Jimmy and I and the kids decided it was time to get out and we split up. Maddie and I picked her up some new clothes (OMG girl clothes, seriously.  Seriously) while Charlie, Papa and Jimmy went across the street to Miner Mike's.  I mean you would never have believed that he didn't want to get in the maze at first. 

By the time I showed up he didn't want to get out and was making his dad follow him all around.  Poor Jimmy's knees.  He's such a good sport!  I guess this is one of the reasons why you have kids when you're under 30?

After the was time for unlimited rides.  I happened to like watching them ride on this little indoor Ferris Wheel thing.  It was pretty cute.

But the best?  The bumper cars.  Jimmy had to ride with Charlie - but that proved to be a little difficult - so on top he went.  However, the fact that 3 other girls were in the bumper cars didn't help when they were "running into" people.
I was just dying laughing in the corner.  Seriously.

I love how low key the whole weekend was.  All the meals we just ate in the gorgeous condo which was cheaper but also just so great and not stressful at all for me with Charlie trying to run around.  

Of course, you have this guy who will do anything the kid asks - so that helps for entertainment too.

However, they are quite the cute duo!

Before we headed out Sunday morning, I wanted a family picture to document the trip.  Hahahaha.  Oh Charlie.  At least you can see Maddie had fun!  Love her sweet smile!

PS - just for a flashback, this was our family just TWO years ago in the same condo complex during our lake trip.  Crazy how FAST time has gone since thing and how things have changed!!!

These two love birds were pretty fun to hang out with too!!

And then we tried an iPhone timer pic.  #fail

But at least you can see the whole group....

The ride home?  Thank goodness it was only 3 hours and thank goodness I didn't have a 100 degree fever.  Did I mention my daughter is an angel and my son - be the judge.

I still am terrified for Maddie getting older because if she's this good, this girl will be sassy down the  road.  I'm sure of it!!

We got home on Sunday afternoon and these kids were a MESS!!  Everyone was so tired - so it was early bed time for Mr. Charlie while Maddie helped me fold laundry.  I mean, she's the cutest is she not????  Best laundry partner ever.

Thank you mom for another great trip!  Next time though - everyone can just come stay at our house!!!!

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