Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Hallo-weenie

I will admit, it's a cheesy title but oh so fitting for this post.  As there are few words that can describe how freaking cute/adorable Willy looks in his hot dog costume.  No matter how miserable he was so cute!!  He's such a cute little "hot dog" and topped with his mom's favorite toppings!

Milly was not happy.  We attempted to put on her princess dress with the hat and all.  However, these costumes were purchased last year and apparently someone has put on a little weight.  I'm not sure if she was embarrased because it wouldn't fit around her or just jealous of Willy's costume, but she did not choose to partake in the Halloween festivities and watched from the couch.

Toby did not get a costume- as he was outside all evening reaking havoc with the other neighborhood dogs while they howled to "scare" all the neighborhood kids while they were trick-or-treating.  I think it worked because we probably only had 5 kids total come to our house.  Which is why I forced Lauren to take candy to work today and I took a big bag as well.  Candy sitting at our house = Brittany finds a way to rationalize why peanut M&Ms and 100 grand bars are better for dinner than chicken and veggies. 

Now on to our costumes!  Our first idea was to be each other (i.e. Brittany is Jimmy for the night, wears his clothes, talks like him in his stupid Covino and Rich slang and Jimmy is Brittany---his definition of this is just find a way to be angry all night and yell at the fake "Jimmy".  Sweet life.).  Then we decided that was stupid.  Jimmy then came up with the idea to be A.C. Slater and I be Jessie Spano.  The motivation behind this decision was due to the fact that Jimmy likes to call me "mama" for some odd reason.  I mean I guess it's ok for one night if he never does it again.  So he picked up a sweet bedazzled jean jacket for me at a thrift/vintage store and some way too tight pants for him.  With my mom's swimsuit and a Phi Slamma Jamma shirt- also with a sick curly black wig....there you have our costumes.

Here are the M&Ms (Emily McClelland and Jeff Matlock) that joined us for the pre-party!! Such cute outfits :)

Then as we walked into the party at Mallorie and Jeremy's to our surprise- they were dressed up as our "costume" best friends- Zach Morris and Kelly Capowski!!  What a nice surprise :)  Of course we had to get a group shot.  If only it was the Max entrance in the background.  Their party was great and it was good to see all the creative costumes my friends came up with!  Party in the USA, Hippies, Bumble bees, the Recession, and the list goes on.  The most fun was getting to meet the cutest little pumpkin of the night Miss Kinlie Krumholtz!!! She's a doll!!  Here's to many more fun Hallo-weenies!!

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