Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cheers to the weekend then reality hits!

We had another jam packed weekend - as I look back on it, I'm like whoa.  Too much. But it was fun and soon enough I'll be back at work and none of this will happen because I will know a whole new meaning of tired.

So onward we go.

First up on Friday night- after a wonderful time our kiddos had celebrating grandparents day at school with Jimmy's parents - we headed to our city's super fun downtown event called Old Settler's Days.  We usually go to the parade every year on Saturday morning...but soccer was at the same time this year.  So Friday it was!

We parked and walked and Charlie pushed Mikey. Poor kid (Mikey, not Charlie!).

One of the games that costs THREE DOLLARS!!!  At least he won something, even though it's a slightly bigger version of something the doctors office hands out for free- guess It's worth the thrill of the big win!

RIDES!!! And Maddie was big enough this year and interested!!! So fun!

There was ride ticket and token trading between friends and we had a blast.  Especially getting to see Spider-Man Jack!!

Here's a family pic that Jimmy rolled his eyes at when I said we had to get (duh #momjob).

We thought we'd end the night with a funnel cake. But Charlie's stomach hurt, so we just started walking back to the car. He didn't make it very far- so Maddie and Jimmy went and got the car and picked the rest of us up. Oh the drama.

I knew Saturday was jam packed, so I got my workout in early and both kids loved watching me dance; I'm not kidding you guys, Country Heat is soooo fun!!!

It was try #2 for soccer.  We are doing Happy Feet indoors this fall and the first week was a complete disaster.  Charlie didn't even get on the field.  He told us he would the next time.  I was hopeful- but the minute we got there he freaked out.  A sweet little boy can out and asked him to join him, he was hesitant but went out there as long as I did too. I left sleeping Mikey and went.  And once they started drills he was TOTALLY into it and did soooo good. I was so proud!  Maddie on the other hand...#twoyearoldsoccer 

Hers lasted 30 minutes then she came and ate snacks.  Oh girl.  We have our hands full with this one!

In the mean time I got in a second work out by holding this 12.5 lb chunk the whole hour!!!

Charlie played the game and then didn't want to STOP!! So super dad took Mikey and kept playing!

And the nursing when everyone is gone + blow out...

We had to rush home, lunch then attempt to nap because we had TWO birthday parties that afternoon!

First was our neighbor and Charlie's BFF, Kate.  She had a princess and prince party where Elsa came!! Maddie loved it...but Charlie being one of two boys (he dressed as batman and Chance was Superman), did not participate at all until Elsa left.  He told me yesterday in the car...he didn't want to play with all those girls. Haha.  Jimmy said he wouldn't have wanted to either.  But they were so sweet to invite Maddie (Maddie is obsessed with Emma and Kate!) and she had a blast with the big girls.  We love Kate and her mom is one of my favorites too - bonus!

After all that sugar, we headed to another friend's gymnastics party. Maddie was invited to that one too (even though it was Charlie's friend again) because Addie has a little brother, Hudson, that is Maddie's age and they went to school together!!

I love seeing Addie and Charlie run around like they haven't skipped a beat!

And that night we all paid for way too much sugar and three very tired kids! 

Sunday came and I had been dreading it for awhile.  Jimmy was off on his first work trip.  Leaving me alone with these hooligans for that first time over night.  Before he left, we went bug hunting...

...then we drove him to the airport (about 45 min from our house).  Everyone did great on the way there.  But after we dropped Jimmy off...oh my.  Mikey was crying and I thought hungry, so we stopped at the gas station at the airport so I could feed him.  Here's how that went down...

- get Mikey out of car seat and take him to drivers seat to feed him
- he won't eat
- open Maddie's door and change his diaper
- try to feed him again in drivers seat
- still doesn't want to eat
- huge poop in the middle of eating attempt (would explain why he doesn't eat..)
- back to Maddie's side to change diaper
- Maddie says she has to pee
- get Mikey in car seat
- get Charlie out of car
- get Maddie out of car
- walk inside and into the bathroom 
- tell Maddie to pee...she doesn't want to and starts to throw fit
- Charlie decides he needs to go
- Maddie watches him pee
- she still doesn't pee even though I tell her she can have a treat
- last chance- no dice
- walk out and Charlie picks out his treat and I get a huge tea
- of course he picks the $2.50 frozen jelly bellies
- Maddie demands some too
- I don't want World War III toddler meltdown so whatever
- I literally spend $8 there- omg
- back to car, strap Maddie and Charlie in car seat
- put Mikey's seat in the back, take him back out and try to feed him
- still refuses
- back in his seat and in the car
- I am sweating profusely and realize we have been at the gas station for 45 minutes

FOR REAL?!???!

Jimmy sends me a text and said hope we had a good ride home- I tell him we are still at the gas station. Oh my.

Needless to say, the rest of Sunday actually went great. Naps and then over to Jimmy's parents house.  Bed time was fine too.

Monday---- not so much.  I locked myself and Mikey (who was screaming) in the bathroom while other kids were banging on the door.  Win some and you lose some right?!?


  1. We did the rides at Old Settlers Days, too! Leighton seriously almost fell out of the airplane/helicopter/whatever on when it started. I about had a heart attack but she loved it! Lol! And I was sweating just reading about the gas station debacle! Hugs to you mama!

  2. OMG I am dying at your recap of the gas station stop!!! I have had so many moments like that when Avery was a baby! Kids, you love them so but they also drive you so crazy hahaha!

  3. Bahahahaha dying laughing and sort of crying because I know I will be there soon! Your gas station recap is hilarious! I can totally picture every moment of that! And locking yourself in the bathroom!!! You do what you gotta do! Just remember, the days are long but the years are short. This will soon be a thing of the hopefully as soon as Jimmie walks in the front door! ;) P.S. Is Katie's boy, Carter, on Charlie's Happy Feet team? They had soccer on Saturday morning, too, and I'm pretty sure they're doing HF!