Friday, September 9, 2016

Five things on a FALL Friday

Another week of maternity leave means another random five things- so get ready :)


Ohhhhh man.  Our sweet little boy.  We were warned at his one month check up about it...and somehow we don't remember this with Charlie and Maddie but I'm thinking because up until this point he has been such an amazing baby.  But the 6-8 week fussiness is in full force at our house.  This is how Mikey and I spent most of our days this week.

He is tooting and burping like a legit grown man and I know he's having tummy issues.  I started cutting out dairy the Friday before Labor Day weekend (as that helped Maddie a apparently she did do this!), so hopefully it will get out of my system and help his fussiness???!  Poor guy- just hate when he's like this and it's hard to do anything (like pee, shower, make dinner!)


You guys.  When did we get so much STUFF???  Holy cow.  I think it's because I'm constantly in our house that I'm noticing it all!! But so far I've cleaned out the kids closets/drawers, Jimmy and my closet/drawer and we did a kitchen cabinet clean out when we re did our cabinets.  I donated all of jimmy and my stuff to big brothers and big sisters...but organizing all Charlie and Maddie's stuff has got me like ---- AHHHH. It's never ending!!!  I finally got all their latest clothes in tubs and labeled and started moving onto shoes yesterday.  This is just a picture of some of Charlie's organized by size.  Maddie has like a billion!!  Never ending!


So as I'm getting rid of unwanted stuff in our house...out with the old and in with the new, right??!  Well, I did clean out my make up because my birthday present to myself was some Beauty Counter make up a long effort to get rid of chemicals.  I have been using them for a week now and REALLY like them!  I scored an amazing deal with lots of free items that I have loved trying.  

Here's what I ordered:

Tinted moisturizer
Concealer pen
Blush/bronzer combo
Lip stick (not pictured)

Here's what I got for free:
Travel items and bag (not pictured)
Face oil

I haven't used anything in the travel kit (I need to go somewhere!) but love everything else- for sure a step up from my drug store stuff and the quality is evident!  Have you ever used this stuff??


More purchases - sorry!  But I've been trying to declutter and one thing that has been bothering me a lot is fruit and veggies that don't need to be in the fridge --- but clutter the counter!!

I turned to Pinterest for some ideas and loved the baskets on the walls- some said they were magazine racks!!  

source IMAGE 1, IMAGE 2

Then my next step? To Amazon of course...I found this little thing that fit perfectly on the spot in our kitchen I was hoping to put it (and really the only wal space!).  We got it and Jimmy hung it up.  Was a little disappointed because there was some hardware missing, but Jimmy is handy and made it work.  I still need to figure out what to put on top of the upper shelf (something that either won't fall or won't break when it falls - in case of a fall from someone slamming the back door a little too hard....).  

Are you guys picky at what goes on your counter tops too??!


Finally- can you BELIEVE it's already flu shot season??? I can't!! But each year, our pediatrician's office gets flu shots in and announces a timeframe when people can make appointments--- and they go sooo fast.  This year they posted on Instagram that they got them in for kids 6-35 months.  Ha unfortunately that is only one of our kids (Maddie), but I quickly called and made an appointment!

It's always hit or miss skin shots right??  Well I was seriously in shock with Maddie.  She literally got the poke in her leg, looked at me and said "that's my shot!!" and was so excited for the bandaid and then showed everyone.  Seriously????  I dropped her back off at school and when I went to go pick her and Charlie up later, we talked about Maddie's flu shot and Charlie almost started crying talking about it.  It's just crazy to me how different our kids are in personalities!!!  

(Pic from last weekend bc no time at the doc!!)

But seriously- she's a champ!  Mikey can't get one, but my work has ours October 7 and I think I can bring Charlie now that he's four...but not sure because it might be a complete disaster!!!!

We don't have much this weekend besides attempting soccer again for Maddie and Charlie and then two birthday parties!  I'm so sad to be missing out on my cousin's wedding in Colorado.  The rest of my family headed out today, but they aren't having kids at their wedding and especially with Mikey, we were unsure of what we would do with them during the wedding and reception.   But we can't wait to hear how it goes and wish them the best!!!

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  1. I desperately need to do a serious purge with the kids stuff. It's ridiculous the amount of clothes that we just need to let go of.
    Those fruit and veggie racks are so smart! If we had more room in our kitchen I would be hanging those up because I hate all that stuff on the counter, too!
    I had to laugh the last time Marcus got a shot. The nurse administered it, he flinched a little, furrowed his brow, looked right at her and said, "OW!" That was it. Julia, however, howls like she's losing a limb.

  2. OMG the kids stuff is never ending!!

    I hate things on my counter yet that's where everything seems to end up, it seriously drives me INSANE! I need to think now if those wire baskets could work anywhere!

  3. Those fruit and veggie wall hanging crates are genius!!! I love them! Found your blog from the email that Desiree from Macke Monologues forwarded to me about collecting band aids. You can count me in on that and I look forward to reading more of your blog!! =)

  4. I love the fruit baskets! And yes, I hate clutter on our countertops!!!!!!!! It's a good thing we have a massive pantry because it's a great storage place for things that often go on counters!

  5. Hope Mikey gets to feeling better soon. I love that magazine idea for the fruit.