Monday, September 19, 2016

Noah's bandage project link up - September 28 - GET YOUR BANDAIDS!!!

YOU GUYS.  I am in shock.

So I sent an email a few weeks ago to some of my blogger friends that I had done other exchanges/link ups with.  It was pretty casual but just reaching out to say I had a small idea.  Our next door neighbor's lost their son, Noah, to pediatric cancer in June 2015.  His story is amazing and he was one amazing little boy (here is my KCMB article with a little more details and see the YouTube video below that is amazing).  Well, they have a sign in their yard since it's September and it's pediatric cancer awareness month and EVERY single time I drive up/leave our house...I see that sign.  And it makes me think of Noah and all the little kids and their family's out there affected by pediatric cancer.   I kept thinking - there HAS to be something I can do.  

All I did was send an email to some bloggers.  I told them Noah's story and I said...wouldn't it be a great way to give back to such an amazing cause (Noah's bandage project) AND involve your kids in this?  Use it as a way for them to pick out bandaids and teach them more about the serving attitude that all of us need a little more of?  I said...just if anyone was interested, they could post on September 28 about NBP, the pictures of their kiddos buying bandaids and send me some bandaids that I could pass onto Deb and Scott, Noah's parents.

I knew these were some great ladies...but MAN.  Within a matter of hours, I was receiving emails from bloggers that I had never heard of.  Two, three and four forwards later to just a few of their blog friends, turned into who knows how many people that saw that original email that I sent about this idea.  I'm in shock and so moved.  Deb is so moved after I told her about my little email.  What an amazing community of bloggers out there - thank you thank you thank you!

Instead of just having everyone send to me (while I will be collecting), I have some more details if YOU want to help with this cause or you want to share more details with your readers on where they can send their bandaids.  AND I'll be hosting a link up on September 28 that you can link your post on Noah's Bandage Project so we can see just how many amazing family's are talking about and giving to this amazing cause.

Here is the image you can post for the link up - along with some hashtags if you want to post on your Instagram!  I know I have had some people say that they want to participate, but they don't have a blog - not a problem at all.  Just post this picture or a picture of you and your kids (if you have kids) getting bandaids - or whatever you want and hashtag this.  I'm literally beaming with excitement about this!!!  The love from this blogging community around this amazing project that sweet Noah started is unbelievable.

If you do have a blog and want to post about this and give your readers the chance to participate as well - here's some additional details:

  • Bandaids cannot be sent directly to hospitals, as they are hospital supplies, so funneling them through NBP is the way to go!
  • Monetary donations are also always welcome - the Wilson's are working to increase the lack of funding there is nationwide for pediatric research (only 4% currently!!!).  So far, they have raised $100K and that number continues to grow (donations can be made on their website:
  • If you'd like to send bandaids to them, here is the PO address where they collect them:
    • Noah's Bandage Project
      119 N Parker Street Suite 110
      Olathe, KS 66061
  • Link up at on September 28 to promote NBP and pediatric cancer...OR use one of the hashtags on the image above on Instagram or Facebook to show your support
THANK YOU again for all your amazing support with this.  It's just such an amazing organization to give back to and we all know how much our kids love bandaids, so think of how much a child that is undergoing cancer treatments will love them when they get a Batman or Elsa bandaid instead of the boring tan one during their normal treatment.

Hope to see you back here on September 28 - if you have any questions, you can email me at


  1. This family is truly amazing. Noah's story is incredibly heartbreaking. I am so honored to be part of this!

  2. This is so beautiful, and such a precious thing. Noah's story is, indeed, so sad - but the result is so powerful and uplifting! What a brave boy to have fought so hard. Bless his family. I'll definitely look more into this :)

  3. We are going to the store this afternoon after swim and my list has band-aids on it to send you!

  4. Wow thank you for posting about this! I watched that video I'm now I'm crying at my desk at work. Goodness. What a sweet family. I can't believe that only 4% of federal funding goes to childhood research. Going to check out their website now!

  5. I'm a blubbering mess. What a sad story, a sweet boy, and an incredible project. Thank you so much for including us.

  6. Yay!! My daughter and I just sent a package of bandaids to you this week!! We're thrilled to be able to participate and will be promoting Noah's Bandage Project on my blog next week. Thank you for sharing the information so we can all help.