Friday, September 30, 2016


Happy FRIDAY!!!


Ok seriously - loved all the support about Noah's Bandage Project so much on Wednesday this week.  An amazing blogger even emailed me and said the cause spoke so much to her that she is going to have people bring bandaids to her son's birthday party.  HOW AWESOME!!  

Thank you for spreading the word and the support of this amazing cause.  And just so you know, this wasn't a one time thing to gather bandaids - they are always collecting bandaids and sending them to hospitals all over the world - so don't feel like you missed the chance to participate!!


Tomorrow = October = decorated for fall!  Well, I actually did that a while back (and Charlie and Maddie were SOOOO excited), but I'm loving my combo wreath + dollar spot Target sign on the front door.  Perfect because I can easily remove the sign after Halloween and keep the wreath up for fall.  

PS Isn't the back cute too!?


 I have a whole blog post coming that is "behind the pictures" because AGH.  Sometimes, we just have bad parenting days, right?  But here's a question for you...what to do if you kid legit HATES an activity that you have already paid for.  He doesn't so much hate soccer, but the indoor facility he doesn't like at all because his it hurts his ears.  I'm contemplating just stop taking him.  He does soccer at school and loves it and has loved it the last two years when we did it outdoors - but not indoors.  Too late to transfer to their outdoor program - but I hate wasting the money and if it seems like to him it's ok to "quit".

GRRR parenting.

But literally - he was so excited last week for soccer (see pic below).  And then we get there and BAM.  Meltdown because it's too loud.


If you're in KC and/or a Chiefs fan, you'll want to jump on this amazing sale at  Freelance Clothing.  All their super cute Chiefs stuff is 50% off today.  NO WAY.  I must have the adorable unisex Arrowhead Hoodie.  Even though I'm not a diehard fan, my husband is, so I must look the part, right??  DUH!


Finally - I'm kicking off my fitness challenge group for October on Monday and I'm SOOOO excited.  Going to keep up my good habits as I go into starting back up at work next week.  I'm going to post my results on my fitness blog soon - but today I have some must have fitness apps that I love!  Take a look HERE!!

With fall weather this weekend, we are excited to get out and about for the Aquinas homecoming game, celebrate Shining for Sharon, continue with our basement clean up and FINALLY - A SUSHI DATE NIGHT!!  I've been dying for this since Mikey was born almost 11 weeks ago!!

Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. Can the provide you with a credit for another session? It might be later next year but if the outdoor fits his needs best, maybe they can work with you.

  2. I LOVE that a blogger is asking for bandaids at a birthday party. That is the best idea, EVER.
    There are some cool clothes coming out of KC lately! I follow so many different little shops on the gram, and I'm adding Freelance to the list!