Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making the most of the weekend

Whew! Holiday weekends!! So fun and jam packed of events and late nights - but come Tuesday...we are all pooped!!

Quick weekend recap:

Friday kicked off and I dressed Mikey in K-State onesie in honor of their first game of the season. He was all smiles but Jimmy was not #housedivided.

Friday night...it was BEAUTIFUL weather.  Seriously.  So I texted Jimmy when Mikey and I were picking up the big kids and said- pack a picnic and let's head to our favorite park!!  We did and it was awesome- even ran into some friends there.  However, Maddie wanted nothing to do with it--- she only wanted Jimmy to hold her.  And we knew something was up.  She felt hot, so we got everyone back in the car to head home even before our picnic dinner.

And the sick suspicions were confirmed when she fell asleep at 6:15 on our way home.  She had a 100.3 degree fever and Jimmy put her right to bed.

In the mean time, the boys and I moved the picnic to the playhouse in the backyard. Charlie loved it!!

Maddie woke up without a fever and was quickly back to her normal crazy self - wrestling her brother!

My dad popped over to see the kids before he headed to Iowa for the week and then we headed off to Home Depot for some fun (see more details on that here!).

After lunch and naps, we headed to Lawrence for the first KU game of the season.  Now, trust me, you might think we are crazy going to the game with 3 kids in tow- but from the very beginning, Jimmy and I told each other we had to keep doing stuff as a family, especially when Mikey is small and immobile because once he gets a moving...we might just put ourselves on house arrest- ha!

But our awesome neighbors have a sweet tailgate spot and invited us, so we made the 20 minute drive and were so excited. It wasn't too hot and I even changed Mikey's diaper on the Yeti and nursed at the tailgate- talk about flexibility haha!  

We headed into the game and went in the section of our seats-- quickly decided to move (after cotton candy was consumed), to the very top corner in the shade with no one around. Even though it was quite the hike...with a Skittles detour on the way over...but awesome seats when we got there.  And even better, Pat and his family (one of Jimmy's brothers) came and sat with us and our kids had a blast playing with Eli and Katy!

We stayed until halftime and let them watch the halftime show--- and they LOVED the band so much.  Maddie literally still cannot stop talking about it!  No one fell asleep on the way home even though it was late...but it was so fun. After they were in bed we talked about how happy we were that we went!!

Love this family picture!

Sunday...went to church and then the Johnny's for lunch and kids eat free! Yeah!  These two actually shared their lunch choices together- pretty sweet!

After naps, we headed over to my grandmother's house for some homemade egg rolls and stir fry!  

Kids are making kids!  And should be noted that Maddie literally had to be pulled away kicking and screaming from my cousins baby because she loved him so much.  Please pray for Mikey when he gets that age- haha.

That night....I couldn't believe it.  Monumentous.  Mikey slept NINE hours straight and neither Charlie nor Maddie woke up.  At all.  Jimmy and I got in bed after folding laundry at 10:30 and didn't get out until 5:30am.  I literally woke up thinking I was in the wrong house.  I'll take it while I can get it!

Since I was rested, jumped into the first country heat workout and it was fun!!! Hard and fun! 

Lunch on the steps!

After naps, we headed over to our neighbors house for a Labor Day BBQ and to play in their cul de sac.  Charlie and Maddie drove their car down there and they had one too- so it was kids all over playing in cars and pulling each other in wagons.  Monroe was showing off for Maddie and Corrin :)

This kid LOVED our neighbors Lightning McQueen car sooooo much!  They were driving it everywhere.

It was HOT! And humid! And that meant I got Mikey naked and held him in front of the fan- haha.  And that meant walking back home naked too. Already fits in with his siblings...

It was a fun weekend and now we are so tired!!  As Charlie said, we need some more "stay home" days!

Hope you all had a great long weekend too!!!


  1. Wow you guys had a jam packed weekend of fun!! We were the same way with our kids, still go out and do things from the very beginning, although now it's almost impossible to go out to dinner with Avery lol! I love that family pic too! The kids looked like they had a great weekend (despite Maddie's fever on Friday)

  2. What a weekend! I love that you changed Mikey's diaper on a Yeti and love that family picture even more!! We need to find a weekend to both go to the KU game--hopefully before it's too cold! And yay for a solid 9 hours of sleep! Third time's a charm?!