Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do you know how to work a grill?

One of the things that Jimmy was most excited about when moving into our house was getting a grill and having the option to grill everything whenever he wanted to (now he's onto wanting a smoker, which I am ok with as long as he makes yummy meat for me!). So now that we have a gas grill and it's pretty easy to use, I wanted to learn. This Saturday I took a shot at grilling for my first time- something dogs!! I grabbed some at the store to make for lunch on Saturday for my dad and Jimmy during our break from working on the house. I don't think I need to explain how that experiment turned out.....

I just walked away from the grill for like 5 minutes or so!!! I went to sweep the front porch. WTF- who knew hot dogs didn't take that long to cook?

So I tried again- and they turned out a little undercooked. What the heck is wrong with me? And I did find out that no matter how bad of food that I make (burn, undercook, etc.) Jimmy will always say he likes it. Haha he and my dad both were like- oh yeah, we like really done hot dogs---trying to make me feel better. They are so nice :) Even though I know they are lying because these were literally burnt to a crisp..don't think hot dogs should look like that!

Here's a shot of both the hot dog disasters....and one of my little hot dogs herself (Miss Milly Mae) decided to jump in the shot too!! She's so cute.
Anyways- I need some grilling lessons ASAP.

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