Thursday, August 27, 2009

Willy's hurt

So that means making an appointment at the vet is on the top of my list of to-dos today and I just called and they don't have anything until tomorrow afternoon at 3:45PM, so I'm dying!!! We think something is wrong with his left arm. It's just horrible and makes me feel so helpless when I hear him whince and whine. It's not continuous at all, it's just when you touch him in the right spot. It started last night and then this morning when the dogs were all eating breakfast I laid him down on his favorite rug in the kitchen and poked him all over to see when/where he was hurting. I couldn't find the spot, so I put him back in bed and when I left told Jimmy to try and find it. He sent me a text this morning saying that he thinks it's his left front arm that is sore- but only why you lift it up because he runs ok...he just doesn't want to go up the stairs or jump. Poor guy. Hopefully we can get it figured out and get him feeling better tomorrow afternoon. I want him to be the life of the party on Friday night!!! In the mean time, we'll have to be extra careful tonight and not let him run/jump/dance like he normally does.

This is just another lesson in my mind on what it is like to have kids. It literally breaks my heart every time I heard him whince last night and this morning. I just wish he could tell me what is wrong and we could go get it fixed right away. I cannot even imagine the way I'm going to feel when my child, when they are little and can't talk, gets sick or hurt. If the feeling of helplessness isn't enough- it's worse just thinking that this dog/kid that you love so much is in pain and you would do anything to take it away. I wouldn't peg myself as someone with "motherly instincts" like some people that I know who I feel like can pick up any baby and know exactly what to do to make them smile/stop crying/giggle, etc. But it's when I get these feelings like this for my dogs- I can't imagine what it's going to feel like with a child!!!

Hopefully the appointment goes well tomorrow- this will be the first time he visits the vet alone (without Milly- his trusty wife- by his side), so hopefully we'll get it fixed and he'll be back to new by the weekend! That would be the best birthday present ever!!! Here are some pictures of the cutest little chunky weiner dog ever :)

Willy and Milly basking in the sun in their grandparents backyard!

Jimmy and Willy working out.

Willy needs to stay warm AND be stylish in the winter too.

At aunt Susan's house, loving the Colorado weather!
**************************UPDATE ON WILLY****************
Got home from work yesterday afternoon. Willy was just fine. Sneaky little guy. Not sure if he was faking his pain the whole time to get some extra attention, but it turns out the little guy is no longer in pain- so I guess that's good. I also got to cancel the appt at the more $$ still in my pocket and some time to get ready for the bday bash tonight!!! So pretty much I just announced to the blog world that Willy can be a big fat liar!!!!

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  1. You have to bring Milly, for company and to keep him calm and relaxed.