Friday, August 21, 2009

Willy + ceiling popcorn = bad things

Last night, I returned home from Jamie and Adam Smith's house for a little get together celebrating Jamie's birthday around 9PM. I pulled into the driveway just in time to admire a freshly mowed lawn and a complete brick walkway, courtesy of Jimmy and my dad. I walked in the house to find Ivan and friend almost finished popcorning the ceiling in the man cave and 2 new housewarming presents courtesy of my realtor, with my dad and Jimmy in the kitchen. I was in heaven. Projects were coming to an end (well the backyard hasn't started- but that's another story!), it was a beautiful night, and I was ready for bed!! Life was great- especially because I would wake up and it'd be Friday!
So after everyone who wasn't sleeping over left, Willy, Milly, and I hopped into bed early while Toby and Jimmy were on the computer. I fall asleep instantly, but wake up around 11 when Jimmy is opening the door to see that Willy is on the floor and has thrown up all his dinner on the carpet. It was really gross, but I just felt so bad for the poor guy because he was shaking and I think no matter what species you are- it sucks to throw up!! Don't worry I didn't take pictures of the throw up! So I get out of bed, console Willy, get some paper towels and Spot Shot- which we now go through about 2/week- and clean up the mess and throw Willy back in bed trying to make him stop shaking. So fifteen or twenty minutes later, Jimmy comes in the room and lifts up the covers on his side of the bed only to find that Willy has thrown up again- inside the sheets. As he goes to get paper towels and tosses Willy on my side of the bed, Willy then proceeds to throw up on top of the comforter. Now he has basically thrown up on every possible surface in our bedroom. As Jimmy is wiping it up and taking off the sheets- I think realize that I don't have an extra set of sheets. HM. That's smart. In my half-asleep state I go in the linen closet to look for something to lay on or cover up with, find my down comforter, grab it and throw it on the bed, and hop in- just on top of the mattress. It's pillow top, so not that bad, but still weird with no sheets.
At this point we are both laying in bed, with Milly in the bed and Willy on the floor- because we don't want him throw up on the mattress and figure we can clean the floor. Jimmy suggested putting him in his kennel- but if/when he decided to toss his cookies in the kennel, that would mean I would have to clean the kennel first thing tomorrow morning- which I wasn't looking forward to. The floor it was for Willy. But apparently he did not like that decision and needed someone right next to him to comfort him (poor guy) because he was just standing by the bed whining. That's when Jimmy decided that he was going to just sleep on the floor with Willy to make him feel better. What a nice guy and dedicated dog-dad!! I was so happy- but of course instantly went back to sleep (hoping this wasn't a small indicator of what having a baby is like). Jimmy pulled off the guest room comforter to lay on the floor, plopped his pillows down, and snuggled up with Chunko (aka Willy).
I didn't wake up again until 4:30- only 30 minutes before my alarm goes off (which when that happens I get so mad for some reason) and turned on the lamp and woke Jimmy up to see if Willy had puked anymore. Yes, he did 2 more times, but on the comforter. Oh well that's dandy. Lots of fun laundry for me! But he said he didn't think he had in the last 2 hours so I told him just to get back in bed with Willy because by now he should be ok and we (meaning me and all the dogs) are getting up soon anyways. So that takes place and 30 minutes later we are up and take the morning potty and have breakfast. I was pretty tired- but I wasn't sure about Willy still. But when he knocked Milly out of the way to eat some of her food- I figured it was just a bug and he'd live. But poor Jimmy. Then I go to work and live life.
I'm pretty sure that the ceiling popcorn was the culprit for Willy's stomach ache. Because it was everywhere- inside and out- last night and he probably ate it because he eats everything because he's chunky. It didn't occur to me that might have been the reason until I saw what the vacuum cleaner was filled with this morning. I'm thinking Willy ate popcorn thinking it was food/snack/something to make him un-starving, but it did not agree with his other food. What do you think?

Here is a picture of Jimmy on the floor. Poor guy. But what a nice dog-dad!!

Actually.....this is hilarious. I was talking to Jimmy about the whole night earlier and here is what he has to say (I know how much everyone liked the last g-chat I posted, get ready this is funny!) I bolded the best part of it:
Jimmy: my back is so sore!
and imsoooo tired
me: me too
Jimmy: Chunko kept me up all night
me: hahah i know
Jimmy: I kept waking up terrified thinking I was going to get puked on
like every time he moved I woke up in fear
then toby started punching me for invading his space on the floor
and then my ass would fall asleep and then Id get scared again about roling over into his puke pile he already made
It was like sleeping on a plank
me: oh :( well you are a good dog-dad!
he appreciates it! and will love you forever!
Jimmy: haha i know
I hope you and milly enjoyed the queen comfy bed!
me: we did :)
Jimmy: hahaha
I'm pretty sure that second to last comment of his was sarcastic- but Milly and I enjoyed our time together, so you know oh well!
Let me tell you, there is never a dull moment in this house thanks to these 3 crazy dogs. But they are just so cute you cannot help but love them.

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