Friday, August 28, 2009

One year ago today....

Ok so 24 years ago today (around 11AM), I was born.....and here is my mom's comment on my facebook wall that cracks me up:

Barb Bruns

I remember driving pretty fast to get to TX Women's Hospital at 5am,secretly hoping you were a girl! (don't tell dad!). It sure was exciting! Happy Birthday! And many more! Love ya lots and excited about the next 24 years of your life!
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Anyways, so it's my birthday. Why not use this day to reflect on how much my life has changed in only one year!! It's crazy and at the same time makes me so happy. So here it goes:
  • One year ago today....I had not started work at Hallmark (today I went to KU to recruit people to work here!)
  • One year ago today....Jimmy and I were just dating- now we're engaged with only 225 days to go until we tie the knot!
  • One year ago today....I had only attended one friends wedding- this year the number is up to 5 friends married, with my best friend Vanessa left in 2009 and then next year on the calendar are 5 already (including ours!) So fun!!
  • One year ago today....I celebrated my birthday with my friends at the Pat Green concert @ P&L. Fun stuff! Tonight = pitch tournament and party at our house
  • One year ago today....Milly and Willy did not exist in my world!!! AH- to think that was even possible to live without them!!
  • One year ago today...I lived downtown KC in a condo...we now own a home together with a huge backyard, in which my happiest time of the day is watching my dogs run around in it!
  • One year ago today....we were leaving for a weekend in Oklahoma in the morning...tomorrow morning = tiling the bathroom shower (hmmm....thinking OK trip might have been more fun- right Lizard!!!??!)
  • One year ago sister was a sophomore in college- now she's growing up and is a junior with only months away until she's 21!! Wahoo!!!
  • One year ago today...I had no idea what the next year of my life would bring as I was starting a new chapter. But I'm so happy that I made the switch to work at Hallmark and all the other things that changed and happened in my life throughout the course of the last year. I couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful friends, family, co-workers, animals, and people in my life because they are fantastic and make me so happy!!! My mom said it best in her facebook's to 24 more wonderful years :)

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