Monday, August 31, 2009

Which one?

So today, I was sitting at work sending an email to someone and started staring at my signature as it was being sent. While the email was whisked away to the recipient in email world, I realized that I really have no idea what my "new" signature is going to be like. I mean isn't this something that every girl compulsively doodles like 17,000 times while they are dating that person and then 25,000 times instantly after they get engaged? Obviously, I didn't do that (hmmm..I'm weird)....but since it's just popping in my head now as something I should probably think about since days keep passing until I'm going to have to have adopt the new last name of "Carter", I figured I'd give it a whirl. See above, for the 3 quick attempts on the scratch paper.
The one that says "current" is obviously my name as it is now: Brittany Bruns. But from the signature it clearly says "Brittany Br..........". Which is kind of how I like it. I don't really like attempting to spell my last name. Too time consuming--all 5 letters.
So attempt #1 at my new signature included a full out spelling of the new last name- except I made it too loopy and the "r" in Carter looks like an "n" which spells Canter- which is a weird name, and not correct. On to attempt #2- correctly spelled Carter in full. Too many full letters, so I was on to attempt #3. That is the one I liked- hence the smiley face. Just the "Ca....." which leaves you guessing, but takes exactly the same amount of time as Br..... did. So I'll take it. Guess it's ok to move on with the wedding now that I have decided on a signature! Sweet.

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