Monday, August 10, 2009

Squirrels, crazy squirrels

Sunday afternoon, Jimmy and I were sitting outside in the front pretty much watching my dad piece together the brick steps for the walkway in the front (I'll put up pics of that in it's completed state- it's AWESOME-- in the next few days. Roger's personal deadline to complete is this afternoon, but I'm thinking the rain might have put a damper (literally-haha) on that plan)....and all of a sudden Jimmy yells "HEY- what the heck is going on? Someone is throwing sticks at me from the tree". I laugh, of course, thinking he's crazy but it's pretty funny that stuff keeps falling on him. He, of course, thinks that I am throwing stuff at him---but I am quick to remind him that my arms aren't 12 ft long and there is no way I could throw something that far at him to land at that angle---you know, what you learned in high school geometry or physics!!

So we sit there a while longer (still watching my dad. Don't think we are lazy- I promise he's just like SUPER particular on having everything PERFECT. So pretty much if we tried to help him lay the bricks- anything besides hand them to him (which I did!), he would just re-do it. So let him be, right?), and now acorns start to fall and hit him....pretty amusing. Then one hits me (not so funny)...and when I pick it up the acorn is hollowed out. We figure out that there is a squirrel sitting up in the tree eating out the middle of the acorns and throwing them at us. Freaking hilarious. Next we just sit there peering and squinting up into the huge tree to try to see him, because that would be awesome---but of course we don't. The acorns continue to fall and then Lauren comes out to see. I'm not sure if it really was that funny/amusing or we were all just tired and worn out from the weekend. But all I could imagine in my head was some "evil" squirrel just sitting up in the tree, noshing on acorns and laughing as he tossed them down to hit us. I can only hope that is what goes on in my trees!!

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