Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Power tool fun

I have quickly come to realize in all of our home projects how much fun using power tools really is. When Jimmy went out and bought a new cordless drill, I have to admit I gave him a lot of grief for it because he said it was a "need" while I classified it as a "guy want". However, this drill has become my new best friend :)

My newest small home project that Brittany can start and finish is replacing all the shiny gold door handles in our house. I hate gold. So, I found some brushed nickel handles that I like and figured this would be a great project that I can do! I started Sunday night in the hall linen closet and quickly figured out that this was not as easy as I thought- because (of course) when our door handles were installed, instead of drilling a big hole for the entire handle, the person just drilled three holes exactly where the doorknob they were installing can fit. Since those doorknobs are now like 50 years old, it makes sense that the newer sleeker doorknobs that I purchased from Home Depot (still my store of choice and I'm a daily visitor) don't fit those three holes. I was frustrated but after reviewing the pictures on the instructions one more time...I quickly realized that I was going to have to drill the large hole myself. And I was not quite sure how that was going to happen but I figured I would just go explore the tool aisle at Home Depot and hoped that I'd just magically figure it out.

Monday after work I stopped by the Home Depot in my old stomping ground---31st and Linwood. Not the biggest fan of this store, but it's on the way home so as long as it's a quick stop then I'm ok with it. On the list: light fixtures, 2 doorknobs (one with a lock to try), and something to install them. I quickly pick up the first 2 things and then make my way over to the tool aisle.

Sidenote: I have this theory of women and Home Depot/hardware stores. No matter who you are, these places are overwhelming unless you are a full time contractor. They are so big with so many things and SO many options. Every store usually has the same inventory but in some different floor plan, so if you don't frequent the same one regularly, that confidence you built about entering in the store and looking like you know what you want/where you are going is immediately lost upon entering a different location. Anyways....my theory is that you have to make every attempt to look like you know what you are doing. Even if you are a woman in dress clothes and heels :) So I try that. I literally take deep breaths upon entering and psych myself up. And it works- you should try it. Just research what you think you need, have some brands/special "key" words ready- and when the associate asks you if they can help you....spit those out and they will immediately look at you with a reassuring eye, like you semi-know what you are talking about and you are not here to get the most expensive thing just because they recommend it, because you did before hand research. I always do. Back to the real story now.

As I approach the tool aisle, I have my words ready. "I am installing door knobs. I need a large drill bit to drill a large hole in all my doors." So as I am browsing the section, almost in shock there are this many options- who knew?- a man approaches to see if I need help. I sputter out the "words"...and add "for MY drill". He looks at me (he has on a Black and Decker shirt) and starts telling me about this great doorknob installation kit, which sounds like just the thing I need (made by Black and Decker of course). I am intrigued. When he shows it to me, my face lights up because it sounds like just the thing I need!! I quickly grab one, thank him, and walk away to pay.

On my drive home, I am just thinking in my head that I should have bought my doorknobs because I'm just going to blow through installing these with my new fun kit!! I could probably get all of them installed before I have to leave for bootcamp at 5:45. I have high ambitions always!

So when I get home, I quickly change and get to work. This is the part I wish I had on video. I mean the kit comes with instructions, a clamp, 2 wood saws that are round and big- one to drill for the knob and one to drill for the hole on the side, something to connect it to your drill (obviously) and then something else that I can't think of the name right now that your wedge in stuff. Simple right? The problem is...the instructions completely skip the part on how to attach the saw to the drill to make it work. WTF!! Like I know the basics of how it should attach drill bits, but this thing is huge and complicated. So I resort to the Internet to look for a video on how to do it. No success. Back to the hallway floor to play some more. After 5 more minutes, I finally figure out how to securely attach it and I'm on my way. I clamp the clamp on the door and start drilling. Hm- not as easy as it looks to drill a circle through a wood door. I quickly reevaluate and realize that is because the drill is going "backwards" instead of "forwards"--something Jimmy taught me how to switch back and forth last night....but after going out of the circle a few times forwards, I finally am on my way and before I know it I'm halfway through the door!! Wahoo!!! I was SO excited and I was even more stoked when the hole went all the way through! Check out the drill, powerful/huge circle wood saw, and if you look close you can even see the wood in it that I drilled out!

Ah- a sweet victory. Now I can just plow through the whole house!

Sweet bliss with my new toy :) And a great shot of the wood I destroyed with my brute strength!

I love power tools.


  1. Haha.....great sidenote, but I love how you convieniently left out the fact that you were supposed to also get 10 light bulbs for our new light fixtures, that you never did actually get, that I ended up having to go buy.

  2. Hahaha - I blame Andrew for all of my home improvement woes...especially when he is not even home. Franklin will vouch.