Thursday, August 6, 2009

Testing of patience

So here's the typical story that I thought everyone lived who buys a house:
1- Buy the house and get so excited when you move in!
2- Do some simple cosmetic work (i.e. painting, rearranging furniture, adding some blinds/curtains)
3- BOOM...your house is now "your home"

WELL...I think Jimmy and I figured that our story would vary a little bit from the above simplistic version because when we bought our house we definitely had some big projects in mind. However, every day (now 75 days after we officially became homeowners together) is a small test of my patience. Now if you know me well, you know that patience is not something that i tend to have an abundance of. But I'm working on it.....ahem...trying to work on it :)
For my own sanity, I am first going to start a list of the things/project we have COMPLETED in our house in the first 75 days (more as a reassurance that something has been completed):

1- Painted 6 rooms- LR, FR, DR, Kitchen, Guest bath, 1/2 bath, Guest room, Lauren's room, and master bedroom
2- Ripped down wall paper in the kitchen, guest bath, and 1/2 bath
3- All furniture in and arranged to my liking (and Jimmy's of course!)
4- New snazzy front porch addition!
5- All railroad ties anywhere on our property---trashed (front and back!)
6- Retaining wall completed in the front
7- Bushes in the front and side of the house that looked horrible were all removed
8- New garage door!
9- New hardware on the kitchen cabinets, built ins in the LR, and Guest bath
10- New 6ft fence on the east side of the house that looks awesome!

Ok so here's why my blood pressure might start to go up- the list of IN PROGRESS. Luckily I am sitting alone right now and not near you! Just kidding...but really Jimmy can attest to my craziness @ times.
1- Back yard mud- everywhere there used to be railroad ties is still mud, including the steps and right in front of the door---i.e. every time the dogs go outside they get muddy
2- Front walkway. With railroad ties and broken concrete previously occupying the walkway from the driveway to the front door, there is still nothing there.
3- *Da da duh* (that was supposed to be like a trumpet sound when a prince is announced)---THE MASTER BATHROOM. This "little" project has turned out to be a rather large, long one. Couldn't have guessed that right? :) But it's coming along quite well, even with my impatience. Evan has been a ton of help as our designated plumber and Jimmy has had his fair share of replacing insulation---enough that I'm positive he will not volunteer for anything like this again. Everything major in starting to come together- bought a vanity that we like and made the final decision on the tile last night. I have been bad at making decisions on the fixtures and tile in there!! Not sure what my problem is, but I'm kind of thankful for the extra time it has taken because I needed the extra time to shop and design :)

Here are some future projects to come as well (depending on what is left of our stimulus money and where we go on our honeymoon):
1- new granite countertops and sink in the kitchen!
2- new kitchen wood floors!
3- new plush, comfy carpet in the man-cave (we need to figure out how to not get so much MUD in there from outside!)
4- re-paint the patio furniture we inherited
5- In the WAAAAAAAYYYY future (like maybe next summer or longer- haha)- redo the guest bathroom

I think that's it. I have barely mumbled the last one to Jimmy and I thought he was going to kill me with his stare, hence the multiple A's in the "WAY" above.
OK- so yeah. Yeah for owning a home. Yeah for being impatient. Yeah for spending all our money on this!!! But most of all, yeah for finding a house to make our home, just the way we like it for the upcoming newest Carter family :) (It is fun and really exciting- if you take out all the yucky stuff).

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  1. Are you joking about the guest bathroom? Or being serious???