Friday, August 21, 2009

Bathroom and Ceiling: update!

Here was what the guest bathroom looked like (yes the ONLY fully functioning full bath in our house currently) on Monday before I left to go work out. Apparently they figured out that the leak was coming from here that was trickling down to the ceiling, in which I had taped up the Glad container to catch it. When they were working on the master bath, they did stuff to the plumbing on this bath and had to take some tiles off and then put them back on. Well they didn't do an official re-tiling, but just put them back on an grouted....instead of mortar and grout (don't you love how my home improvement vocabulary just increases post by post!?). That lead to a small hole in which the water was leaking down to the man-cave ceiling. After this was determined on Monday night, Ivan suggested taking off the tile and fixing it. I was very hesitant because obviously Lauren and I need to shower somewhere!!!

But this was finally what the finished product looked like after they: tore all the tile around the faucet, cut out the rotting sheetrock, put in brand new greenboard sheetrock (mold resistant), slapped some mortar on, cut some tiles (obviously some of the blue tiles were in pretty bad shape---therefore we had to resort to the leftover white tiles the previous owner left, for now), set the tiles, put in some grout, and let it dry!! We did have to go about 3 days with a trashbag duct taped on top of the faucet so the mortar/grout could dry- but we lived. And now hopefully we will be leak free with non-rotting sheetrock behind the tile!! Wahoo!!

Next onto, the ceiling...remember this hole?? When Jimmy fell through the ceiling?? Well.....after days of waiting (and the workers finally magically reappeared after an unexplained three day absence)....

Ta-da!! It's fixed. So that makes me very happy!! New popcorn and all (which made a huge mess, but oh well!)

However....the joy of the ceiling being fixed with popcorn couldn't last too long right? :) A post to come about our late night events. So fun!!

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