Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On this Wednesday

Here are some random things I thought you might want to know:

Jeans day at work! Wahoo!

My birthday is in 2 days!

The new dining room chandelier is installed....however, it doesn't turn on. Odd.

I ate a QT hot dog for dinner last night. Not sure why.

Found my Hallmark badge, after it was missing for a week. Where did I find it? In a muck of leaves in the small crevice behind the back step that sunk in the ground.

Hillary and I received our first official "Carter family" email. Didn't have to be forwarded to us by Bobby or Jimmy! This is a BIG STEP.

Willy told me last night he doesn't want to wear a neck tie at our wedding. WTF. Why not?

I yelled at Jimmy last night and accused him of being the reason I messed up the guest room door knob installation. SO not his fault. Oops.

We now have hostas on the east side of our house and Iris on the west side. Green thumb?? No, that would be the work of Jimmy's mom and grandma :)

I realized yesterday after 3 months of living in our house- I can only see the top 1/4 of myself in the bathroom mirror. Now that doesn't make sense.

Why don't any of the "extras" on my vacuums work? Is that supposed to be an indicator to me that the crevices in my house don't need to be cleaned?

I know the days are getting shorter and summer is coming to an end. In the morning on the way to work, my Garmin is in "night" color mode. Sad.

Shrimp + pasta + red sauce, does not take good in my opinion. I'm more of a shrimp + pasta + white sauce kind of girl.

Once a week I like to go back and re-read one old facebook message that Jimmy and I traded 4 years ago. Cracks me up every time. Love him, love us.

Lauren is a great roommate. She does nothing sometimes and I laugh.

Random reply-all emails any day of the week with friends make me REALLY happy.

Treat days at work, probably make my entire week. Best part....we have TWO this week. Can you say double happiness?

That's it. Happy Wednesday. Or happy hump day as some people say. But I don't really say that ever.