Sunday, October 11, 2009

Appropriate meter

What I am about to describe to you is the exact reason why I started a blog. Because this kind of stuff just always seems to happen to me.

Now to preface this, I want to state I have never been a mom. I have never had a baby, so I don't know what it's like to balance that and real life. Balance the late nights, a new person that depend entirely on you tending to it's every need, or breast feeding. So due to this lack of personal life experience thus far...I might have a skewed opinion. However, I did ask several people what their thoughts were on it that have had babies prior to writing this entry. They unanimously agreed with my opinion.

On to the event:
Sitting in a meeting on Saturday morning with a presentation/discussion in full swing.
I suddenly hear a strange noise coming from the table in front of me. Sounds like a machine.
I just forget it and figure I heard something odd.
Then it continues on. A constant sound that cannot be written into words- as those words tend to make me blush that I would use to describe them. One would be "suck".
So I peek at the woman in front of me. She has a piece of fabric draping over her front.
I realize that, from my experience in Jimmy's family (lots of babies so I see the basics there!)...she is wearing a nursing apron.
Wait, did you get that straight? Yes - a lady is sitting in a meeting with a breast pump running, that is of course attached to her breast.
Now obviously, like I mentioned, I have never done this before so the whole thing is very foreign to me. But I'm sure after you are a new mom for awhile it becomes second nature.
However, I can boldly state that if I so choose to breast feed as a new mom and use a breast pump, I probably will not choose to use it in the middle of a meeting with 30 other women WHILE still participating (talking, answering questions, giving opinions).
Let alone 4 times during the first day session and 2 times during the second day session.

Lyssa would be my one inside source to ask this honest question to. And I want to know what she has to say. But I'm guessing she's in the same "that's probably not the most appropriate thing...." boat as I am.

In terms of an appropriate meter- if you ask me this is off the charts as inappropriate. Go to the bathroom. Go to your hotel room. Heck, just go to the back of the meeting room. I don't care that you are doing it as I know it's absolutely natural and something you are doing for your baby, but it would be a lot less awkward for the entire group if you didn't do it in the middle of the room....while still participating. No matter how important you are, you can probably step out for 10 min or so and get your business done and come back just fine.

And that my friends- is all I have to say about that. I was absolutely stunned when I realized what I was witnessing. Not sure how you would feel, but I'd love to know :)


  1. Absolutely innappropriate... at the VERY least, go to the back of the room. How do you feel about breast feeding during church service? I sat by a lady the other weekend that breast feed while at service.... not sure what I thought about that either. But I think that is better than the breast pump... which are just akward

  2. Like I said- I think we will all gain a whole different perspective when we are the ones actually having to do it. And it is something that is "natural" so I'm going to say that I think breast feeding in church is maybe long as the baby not making super loud noises and it's not in the middle of a sermon. But still, you can always go to the back of the room!! :) And I agree with you on the pump- that is where the privacy line should stand. Too loud, too awkward!!!

  3. What about if the woman sitting next to you on a small plane from Dallas to Kansas City is breast feeding her very large son? Like he was probably 2 years old. He had teeth. Shouldn't he be eating normal food?