Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your answer was.......

We took a 150 question multiple choice test in May about getting married.  Last Thursday, we had our first meeting with the priest that is marrying us and we went over the questions.

Priest: Now, let's talk about this question.  You, Brittany, agreed to the following statement: My future spouse (Jimmy) thinks that I don't listen to him.  So you are aware that you don't listen to him?

Brittany: Yes, I am aware.  I do listen to him when we talk about important things.  But half the stuff that Jimmy says is pointless and he just says it to annoy me.

Priest now has a confused look

Brittany: Let me elaborate. Today, I was really swamped at work and wasn't responding very quickly to any of Jimmy's emails.  He sent me multiple emails with pictures of weiner dog puppies and wrote me over and over again how he wants to get a 4th dog.  We already have 3 dogs and we're not getting another one.  He knows that.  Therefore, it's pointless to do that unless he's just trying to annoy me.  Hence, I choose not to listen.

Jimmy (smiling): Yes, that's true.  Haha.

Priest (laughing at this point): But she listens to the important things you have to say and particpates in discussions that you all need to have?

Jimmy: Yes, of course. 

Brittany: But you can now understand why I don't listen to half the things he says.  And we are both aware of this arrangement and are ok with it.

Priest (smiling): Whatever works for you two best!

Cheers to a happy and communicative marriage :)  Like he said, whatever works for us!!  I can't wait for more of these meetings and classes.  They are fun!

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