Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun pictures!!

So we got our full set of engagement pictures via DVD in the mail yesterday :)  That meant last night I spent 1/2 of my evening staring at the computer of the different ones and picking out the few that I like of Jimmy and I....after much personal criticism.  BUT my favorite part were the pictures of the dogs they took.  We are using them for our save the dates (don't worry I'm not competely spoiling it)....but here are just some shots they got.  How freaking cute are our dogs?  I know everyone's biased about their here's my post in which I will rant and rave at how cute they are. 

This one of Milly- I'm in love with.  Look at how small and cute she is!!!  And the one with Milly and Willy is adorable!

Toby's tounge cracks me up!  Willy is staring on from the distance thinking, "what is this crazy dog going to do next?" :)

Then here are a few more that weren't on the blog that we liked of us!  I just hope we are more photogenic on our wedding day :)  We look much better in pictures when acting natural.  Hence the one on the stairs in that we are cracking up at the fact that there is a homeless person sleeping underneath the stairs....but we are still taking pictures!!

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  1. cute engagement photos - love that you incorporated your dogs!