Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blog of a dog

I think I have found my next big project. A blog from our dog's, Willy, Milly, and Toby, perspective!! What do you think? Now as fun as that would be, that would be a little hypocritical of me seeing that my last post just went in depth on how I need to focus where I spend my time during the week and ensure that the time I spend reflects my priorities. However, my argument would be that I LOVE my dogs and am obsessed with them so writing a blog from their perspective would be kind of like spending/dedicating time to them and entertaining my friends/family. At this time though...I'm going to not add developing a dog blog for the Bruns/Carter dogs. Even though I really really want to.

In the mean time, you can read this blog: Hamburger's House, which is written from the perspective of a chihuahua named Burger. My favorite post so far is the bachelor post. Haha. I cannot wait to see all the dogs that are going to be competing for his heart. I'm SO bummed I didn't check this in time to get Milly entered. She would have blown the competition away. His parent's are the authors of my favorite DIY blog, Young House Love. Which I have been diligently reading and actually doing some of their cheap Halloween decorations to our house!! We now have bats on the inside of all our lamps. Sounds weird, but it looks "spooky" and Halloween-y and I love it!

Also, Milly and Willy are gearing up for next Saturday when they get to debut their costumes to the trick-or-treaters. In the meantime, you can find them chillin on the couch in the man cave in their Halloween t-shirts. These were courtesy of their Aunt Liz last year and they still LOVE them :) Get excited to see their Halloween costumes!!

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