Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That really came out of MY mouth.

Here is a simple list of things that in my pre-home ownership days I can honestly say I never thought I would hear myself say. A backwards countdown, to spice things up too :)

10. Is there anything in this room that feels "off" to you? (this was me, saying to Jimmy, regarding the millions of little dog paw prints of mud that were all over our kitchen floor for an entire weekend. I couldn't handle it---but didn't know if anyone else noticed. Right after this he got a rag and cleaned the floor)
9. I have to leave work early to get a new thermostat installed- I'm SO excited for a new thermostat.
8. Yeah of course Home Depot is on our registry list, we are registering for power tools.
7. Blue is a "cool" color and "cool" colors don't go with the "theme" of our house.
6. Sorry, I can't go out tonight - I have to clean the hardwood floors. (really?!)
5. I can't wait to mulch today. Landscaping is so fun.....(as I awake at 7:15AM on a Sunday morning after a pub crawl the night before- with a smile on my face)
4. Our tree is sick. Hurry call Ryan Lawn and Tree! (yes, it's true, trees get sick apparently)
3. So how much electricity do you think the fridge in the garage, the freezer in the basement, the mini-fridge in the man cave, and the regular fridge in the kitchen exert? Should I be concerned about a heightened electricity bill? Or that we have 4 devices in our 1 house to refrigerate things?
2. Please come over so I can show you my new washer and dryer......they are SO cool. (me to Emily, kind of like show and tell?)
1. Thank you Sunday Target ad for highlighting on the front page some beautiful fall sweaters that I would love to buy for a mere $15. However, I have to save that $15 per sweater and sacrifice any new fashion or style to slowly save for some new countertops (as I sadly toss the ad in the trash).

Ahh...the joys of growing up. Does it ever end??!

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