Friday, October 9, 2009

Honey-do weekend

I am off to Baltimore this weekend for a Pi Phi Financial Advisors conference. I know. You are oozing jealousy just reading about it :) A whole weekend full of learning all about a new online billing system and reviewing fraternity policies and procedures. Like I jealous. On the upside, I'm hoping my roommate is another super cool Pi Phi that we will instantly bond over the arrow. Ha.
While I'm off gallivanting in Baltimore (from hotel room to conference room back to hotel room), Jimmy will be in Kansas City. Now last time I went out of town all weekend and Jimmy stayed home, my expectations of his weekend activities were a lot different than his. These differing expectations caused a small argument when I arrived home late Sunday evening. I was expecting the one urgent project, that was mudding, sanding and finishing off the hole that was in our sheetrock in the master bathroom still from the old medicine cabinet to be repaired. However, I came home to it only being 1/3 of the way completed because Jimmy said it takes 24 hours for the mudding stuff to set before he can sand. My answer: I was gone for 60 hours- that is 2.5 24 hour increments. I'm still confused why it's not all done. Yeah.....not going to go into details to the heated conversation that followed.
SO- this weekend, there are only a few things I have on my "honey-do" list. Instead of me going on my merry way assuming that Jimmy can read my mind (which he reminds me constantly that he can't) as to what my expectations are to come home to...before I left for work today, I left him a "honey-do weekend list" on the kitchen island. Now, these requests were quite simple and very manageable, allowing him for plenty of time to head back to his alma-mater to celebrate homecoming weekend there. They are: (1) Clean/clear out the garage so Lauren and I can park our cars there and (2) Take pictures of our old vanity and mirror that used to be in our master bath- remember the one that I liked, then found one that I loved, then bought it?- and put it on craigslist.
As I was running out the door this morning, he said he got the list and that he liked it and it will be done. With this rocking new way of communicating, my acknowledgement that he can't read my mind, and setting up expectations together- we'll be rocking and rolling by the time our wedding day comes around. Wait, is that too high of an expectation? ;)
Cheers to a wonderful (and not freezing hopefully) weekend for everyone!

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