Friday, October 16, 2009

One step at a time...

Buying a house = lots of $$ and lots of work moving in
Buying a house = lots of time spent getting organized and settled
Buying a house = moving slowly through each room, adding details
Buying a house = testing of your patience to actually move slowly
Buying a house = seeing progress slowly, that makes it feel like a HOME
Living in a house that feels like a home = priceless!

See below for the newest detail addition to the house. My aunt, Susan, makes curtains as a side job just because she loves doing it in Colorado Springs. Her early wedding present to Jimmy and I are these FABULOUS curtains. She installed these in the living room yesterday when I was at work. Next is the dining room. When I walked in yesterday after work, I was blown away at how awesome they looked!! But even more blown away at home much they changed the look of the whole room and make it feel more homey :)

Thanks Susan for such a great addition!! The house continue to shape up to be a home!!

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  1. Yes! Awesome job, Susan! The curtains look amazing and compliment the living room beautifully!