Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What about jeans?

Have to get this known to the world. Jimmy and I are almost exactly 6 months away from the big wedding day (as of Saturday), so I'm kind of freaking out and trying to get caught up with all the stuff that has been on our to-do list that I keep pushing off. One of them is getting a registry started...the first step is to decide where to register.
We start discussing. I have already started one at Crate and Barrel, nothing is in it, but it's started. And the other one we decided was Bed Bath and Beyond. We started talking about one more and I mentioned Dillards (Otto/Griffin- I know you registered there....thoughts?).
The conversation went like this:

Brittany- what about Dillards?
Jimmy- what about jeans?
Brittany- what about jeans?
Jimmy- Dillards is good so I can register for jeans.
Brittany- Um you can't register for jeans. That's not allowed.
Jimmy- who says? I need new ones.

Ok that is enough sharing. While I do know that Chris Calcara snuck a few snuggies onto their Target registry that Vanessa did not keep on there, I can say that I could use a new pair of jeans, those will not be showing up on our wedding gift registry at all. Haha, I still can't believe Jimmy thought that was ok. I'm still laughing........this my friends, is why he's a keeper :)


  1. Chris wanted to register a wine cooler. We don't even have room for all our pots and pans in our apartment, and he wanted a wine cooler... I said no.

    Crate and Barrel was awesome! Also, if you register at Target, you will get a lot of gift cards that come in really handy after the wedding :)

  2. I love Dillard's, and a pair of jeans never hurt anyone. Just trying to beef up my Autumn wardrobe.

  3. Dillards has the best discount AFTER the wedding day (I think it is 20 or 30% off your items). So I would register for the same stuff (flat wear and plates, etc.) and some other stuff if you want because if you don't get it all, it is cheaper to buy it there... BUT everyone will get you gift cards to Crate and Barrel and BBB, and none really to Dillards, so it just evens out. I am not sure if it was a good idea or not in the end. Honestly, I think you should be good with BBB and C and B. They have everything you need.... sometimes it gets complicated to throw in a third. I heard that Target you can't take back without the reciet? Not sure, but check on that prior to registering because you will get some stuff with out the reciets.