Friday, October 23, 2009

You won't let me poop on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that may seem like an odd title to post, but then again you are reading a blog this is written by me, so not sure what you expect.  However, that title does have some meaning to it.  I don't even know if Jamie or Liz read my blog regularly--but if they do, I'm sure they will get a good laugh out of the title.  Just a side note to explain, then the real post.  Sophomore year, first semester living in Pi Phi, Jamie, Liz, and I were rommates.  For some reason, one night we thought it would be funny to start yelling and get in a fake fight to see if other people would hear us and start freaking out that we were yelling.  So we start yelling stupid stuff like-- "you never clean the room", "you use my computer" (I won't go into detail about that one Jamie- as she is still bitter!!), and for some odd reason I yell out "you won't let me poop in the room".  Now I have no idea sometimes what is going to come out of my mouth and why....that is a perfect example.  Liz was like "WTF mate?" and we all started laughing.  End of story.  Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" stories?  Maybe not.

ANYWAYS, fast forward 4 years to the present time.  I had a stomach ache on Wednesday night from eating cookie dough (from the pumplin cookies) so I walk up the stairs to the to the medicine/random crap closet next to Lauren's bathroom to get some TUMS.  As I'm walking up the stairs, I start smelling poop.  I was like- man maybe Lauren just stunk up her bathroom?  Haha, sorry Lauren.  But I really did think that, then I was like no, I bet one of my dogs decided it was a good idea to poop upstairs instead of outside.  I dont' turn on the light in the hallway, but just in Lauren's bathroom so I can see inside the closet.  I get a few TUMS, start chewing and then head to the guest room on the hunt for the poop.

Then I suddenly realize that the smell is following me.  I flip on the hall light, look down, and see a huge thing of poop on the bottom of my slippers that I have now trailed onto the hallway carpet.

Well that's awesome.  Off my slipper goes, I start to scrape off the poop, pick up the remains to flush, spot shot the carpet stains, gag several times while on the phone with Jimmy to make sure he knows how sick this is and what he's missing, and then start scrubbing the carpet.  I realize at that moment how happy I am that we do not have carpet all over our house.  We at least have 1/2 a floor with hardwoods.  Our carpet is SO dirty now and needs to be cleaned, but as I was on my knees scrubbing it I realized I'm going to do everything in my power not to get new carpet.  Simply because it will just get really dirty again.  I was so angry.

Then, last night as I was on the phone with Emily and the dogs were outside....all of a sudden Toby pushes open the back door and streaks through the house because he heard Jimmy's car door slam and he's obsessed with Jimmy in a sick way.  I try to catch him to wipe his paws off before he hits the carpet, but it's too late.  Again, for the 2nd night in a row I find myself using the Spot Shot and scrubbing the carpet.  Really?  Is this what my nights are going to entail when we are married??  Needless to say, Jimmy's plea via email that took place yesterday for us to get another dog....did not even need to be addressed in person.  I think it's safe to say by the look on my face-he realized that will not be happening.  Then Toby woke me up at 3AM because he felt like going outside.  Not ok.  Kennel for him the rest of the night...then Jimmy caves, feels bad and goes to sleep in the guest room with him.  And you wonder who is going to be the disciplinarian with our children?  What a week.......but it does seem as though the Moore's might have had a similar issue with Franklin based on THIS post.  So I guess it's just kind of that....join the crowd in cleaning up your dog's poop?

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