Friday, October 2, 2009

Roommate birthday celebration!!!

Yesterday, October 1 was Lauren's birthday. The big 2-5!!! She was kindly greeted with streamers (which scared the crap out of her apparently!) hanging from her bedroom door and a sign welcoming her into the wonderful day on which she was brought into this world by her awesome mom!! I love living with Lauren. Honestly, world's best roommate :) I'm going to be sad to see Jimmy take her place in a few months....but I guess it has to happen. I mean she could stay ;)

Here is a picture of Lauren, Katie, and I- Chicago trip 2008! Best friends since elementary school!

Some of the SMNW gang at Jen's housewarming party!!

And finally, Lauren and her man David! This was on their Chicago trip (according to facebook!)

While Lauren got to celebrate the evening of her actual birthday playing some sand volleyball, tonight we'll be heading to David's new apartment downtown to celebrate and go to First Fridays! I'm really excited to see his place, experience first fridays for the first time (apparently this is what it looks like in the picture below!), eat some cake, and celebrate with Lauren!!! Wahoo!!

On a side note, Milly has a HUGE crush on David. Every time he comes over she wants him to hold her and she always follows him around and sits on his lap. When he's in Lauren's room with the door closed she actually paws at the door for him. Watch out Lauren - Milly might be stealing your man :)
Here's to a great weekend everyone!!
PS Ashley Kelly- if you read this- so jealous of your tweet about your Saturday date with the beach and your book. Kansas is moving into fall and tonight is jacket weather :(

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