Thursday, October 1, 2009

Indecisiveness: My Forte

Throughout Jimmy and my journey as DIY-ing our first house, I think we can both firmly agree on one thing: I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to making home decisions. I don't have a problem making them, I just second guess myself---even after they are installed :)
Which seems to be our newest problem. I was at Costco over lunch on Tuesday picking up some pictures and ordering a delicious birthday cake for my roommate (her birthday is today but celebrating Friday!). Sidenote: If you have ever not been to Costco over lunch, you should go. It's a lunch in itself. I just wandered around and ate all the delicious samples and by the time I started walking out I was full! It was awesome. Anyways, so after I ordered the cake and stuffed my face......I was walking out when something caught my eye. THE vanity that I had been searching for to put in our bathroom. You have no idea. I had specific things that I wanted so bad (dark wood, colored granite, undermounted sink, looks expensive- but isn't), but I couldn't find anything that fit all those qualifications. The last qualifier- the expensive part- seemed to be the biggest thing that stopped me in my initial search.
The initial search started about 2 1/2 months ago (right around the same time that the demo was going on). I was somehow optimistic that our bathroom would be done in 4 days. HM. I must have been on something to think that, or a just super inexperienced DIY-er. I'm going with the latter. With high expectations and thinking I had a short timeline, we went to Home Depot and used our gift cards to purchase our first vanity. Which was a honey-type colored wood (so not dark) with a white sink top. It was fine, nothing special. My dad took it out of the box and it sat in our guest room ready to be installed (in like 2 months). However, as we started picking out more items for the remodel, I started to realize how much I hated that vanity and that it didn't go with my overall color scheme vision. So back it went to the store, without a box, and then we saw it a week later in the vanity aisle, still with no box. After we took that back, we bought 9 boxes of 13X13 tiles that I thought I liked. Yeah. All of that came home, was unloaded, then about 5 days later I decided I hated that too. So that went back to Home Depot. At this point, I thought Jimmy was going to lose his cool. But apparently he finds it amusing- but strongly advised me to not do that again and really think and buy samples before making a decision. Done. Advice well received.
After a really long search and going slightly over the price range per tile I initially wanted to spend, we found the tile. It was perfect. Not too expensive, but didn't look "cheap" and it had nice trim that I loved. Done. We bought all that. So now we still needed a vanity. I searched EVERYWHERE. Home Depot, Lowes, home repair places, craigslist, etc. Nothing struck my fancy or was good enough for the new tile. So then I found one vanity at Home Depot that I was "ok" with. I liked it, we needed to get it installed, it was a decent price....done. Pretty sure that was the one that Jimmy insisted on carrying on his back from the back of the store to the front. He claimed he didn't want to wait for me to get a cart. Or he wanted to prove to me how strong he was. Either one- I thought it was a stupid enough move to remember it months later. We bring it home, install it, and that's what I'm using today. However, it has 3 drawers..which I thought I liked, but they are so incredibly small nothing can fit in them. The sink is white. I put on make up every morning that includes a huge brush and bronzer- I can't stand seeing it all over the white sink. It's a square sink so looks cool, but I have to use a straightener and curling iron to tame my mangily mop every morning- and because of the lack of counterspace surrounding the sink they always fall off onto our beautiful tile.
There you have it. My reasons for my vanity frustration. So what does that mean? After much convincing as to why buying ANOTHER vanity and installing it is worth it to Jimmy, we will be hitting up Costco tonight to pick it up and take it home. It's sick because I'm like giddy I'm so excited about it. Evan has claimed it's an easy switch out. I hope so. So if you are looking for a really nice looking vanity and that seems to fit your tastes, be looking for our craigslist post. All I can say is, it's perfect, I love it, I found my vanity soulmate.
All I had to say to Jimmy is that he should be well aware that I'm like this. I can't make a decision and be happy with it unless I'm absolutely 100% certain. Just like our relationship (at one point), see Jimmy's blog for an explanation if you are confused at this (3rd paragraph), I seem to second guess myself. But when I know, I know. And there is no stopping me. Here's to much more indecisiveness along the way that leads to complete happiness :) Check out the picture I snapped @ CostCo during my first sighting. Simple, elegant, perfection. Haha. I'm weird. Oh and it has a sweet matching medicine cabinet which is exactly what we need. We are meant to be.

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  1. Make sure Jimmy knows that I painted our bathroom 3 times before I got the color I liked. Painted the entire bathroom! You inherited that gene from me. He is stuck with it!