Friday, January 29, 2010

Defeated in the Kitchen

So I posted about how much I love this new cookbook my mom gave me from Hungry Girl, right? And I still do, however...I was not on my A game in the kitchen last night. As Jimmy and I continue to eat healthy, I attempted to cook Hungry Girl hot wings and some cauliflower dish last night for dinner. I had Jimmy stop at the grocery store on the way home from the gym to pick up the last few ingredients I didn't have. However, I was going to slightly modify the recipie and make it with drumsticks instead of little chunks of chicken breast.


I somehow forgot the fact that drumsticks have more meat and a bone....therefore will take much much longer to cook than little "nuggets" of chicken....which is what Hungry Girl calls them. So I went about my merry way making the breading for the drumsticks and popping them in the oven for the 10 minutes, then flip and 10 more minutes, then eat. I pulled them out of the oven and not only were they still pretty much raw inside...but some of them were bloody. I thought I was going to barf. If Lauren had been at home, she probably would have because she can't handle that stuff.

I was gung-ho on this cauliflower casserole thingy because I had randomly decided to buy an entire head of cauliflower last week at the grocery store and I wanted to use it for something. I saw this recipe that called for an entire head of it and bam....instant side dish with the chicken, right? I think I underestimated my kitchen capabilities.


Not properly reading the recipie all the way through. I apparently skimmed over the end (Hmm...that seems to be a common trend this week....that will be my goal next week to read through everything start to finish) and didn't notice that it said "And then bake in the oven for an hour. Let cool for 10 minutes". An HOUR? Seriously? It was already 7:30 at this point and I was starving. Not to mention Jimmy was like a little starving hermit waiting for his meal. Of course I freak out and Jimmy's calm and is like "that's ok, we'll just eat it before we go to bed". So I start to cook it. That's about when the chicken wings are "done" and I realize that we are never going to eat. Ever. Ever.

I then pull out my best 2nd grade move and lay on our kitchen floor, whining to Jimmy how I suck at cooking, suck at life, and we are never going to eat tonight. And then I pop up and say, "Can we please go to Johnny's right now?". His response is that stuff is in the oven and we can just wait. I say, no and I don't want this sucky food, I want bar food. As the good little husband to be that he is, he says "you put the dogs up and I'll start the car."

Lucky for us it was 2 for 1 burger night at Johnnys and we both splurged on our healthy eating and loved every minute of it. I made him toast with our beers on my first kitchen defeat and to many more in our marriage. Then I got home and tossed all the uncooked, half cooked, gross food in the trash.

Kitchen 1, Brittany 0

I'm not a good loser, so I will find a way to overcome this defeat.


  1. This is such a great story. I love this.... you should write a book about your first yr. of marriage and trying to cook. This is what ADam wanted me to do, but you would be better at it

  2. Haha. That's awesome...well. The way you wrote it, anyway. Not so much the defeat. That kinda sucks. lol. A for effort! = D