Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom: Happy birthday!!

Monday was my mom's birthday---and yes, I missed a blog post for her, oh and didn't give her even 1 of the 2 cards I bought for her. What a slacker daughter I am!! My sister and I even tried to buy her a present--- how is it not possible to succeed at that? Well the present we wanted to get her was on sale, but by the time I went to buy it online it was not available. So big fail on that one. However, we were able to celebrate her as a family with a Sunday brunch at Nick & Jake's. If you have never been to brunch there- you are missing out. It's probably one of my favorite brunch places in KC!! And brunch is my favorite meal---behind breakfast. So I was thrilled when she said she wanted to meet us there after church. We had a wedding the night before (and I had a bachlelorette party), so Jimmy could barely drag himself out of bed---but he ended up making it. And just mocked me the whole meal because I'm a "weird" brunch eater and I take advantage of all the different foods offered. Sorry my stomach wasn't too weak to handle shrimp, chicken wings, AND an omelet. Delicious.
Anyway--onto the star of this blog post:

Her birthday happened to fall on Flag Day, so if you can remember that---you will never forget her birthday. On flag day her actual birthday…she and I hit up boot camp where we did some intense weightlifting. Great birthday right? What can I say, she’s committed to being fit J But then my dad “cooked” for her, which meant he went and got Chipotle. I got to join the fun, while my husband was left at home. Oops- sorry Jim! We had an old school Bruns family dinner with our tasty dinner and caught up with one another. But hopefully she had a fun day!!!

She’s a wonderful mom, friend, wife, counselor, sister, aunt, and amazing in every other role she plays in life. I’m VERY thankful to have her as a mom and can’t wait to help her celebrate many more birthdays. Maybe next year we’ll get our act together and do something really cool. Until then, I’ll remember to treat her to Chipotle every year ;)

Love you mom!

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