Friday, May 7, 2010

Trip to Iowa!

Last weekend, Jimmy, Brittany, Roger, Barb, Milly and Willy (Toby stayed with Jimmy's parents---couldn't make the long car ride!) headed out to Storm Lake, Iowa early Saturday morning. My grandparents (dad's parents) live there and they weren't able to make the 6 hour drive down to our wedding about a month ago, so we went to them....with the wedding video and lots of pictures and stories in hand!!!

Willy rocking his Royals hat and snoozing....

They have a farm and farmhouse just right outside of town that they have lived in forever, but recently moved into an assisted living facility and my mom, Jimmy or I hadn't seen it yet. My grandma had a pantry for the first time in her life and she was SO excited!! They had lots of room on one floor (no stairs) and it suits them great! And with a big guest room and guest bathroom- it was perfect for all of us.

After driving around Storm Lake and Alta, waiting for my grandparents to finish lunch in the dining area with their friends, of course Grandma had a delicious lunch prepared for us when we arrived Saturday afternoon! Then we spent the whole afternoon watching our entire wedding. We laughed, we cried, and best yet, it was such a detailed/good video that they felt like they were there!! Which is exactly what we wanted :)

Then we decided to go against the norm and not hit up Lakeshore cafe on Main Street and we took them to a fun restaurant at a new resort that just went up on the lake that is very nice! They loved it and it was very pretty looking at the lake (hence the city name, Storm Lake)! Here are a few pictures from dinner---

This one is funny because it looks like my grandma is trying to tell my dad something :)

Before dinner we went to their farm house and looked at lots of stuff to see if we wanted to take anything and I got some great stuff that is very special :) I got a gorgeous punch bowl and glasses that my grandma had- and best yet, it has the original receipt on it from 1969!!!! It was so neat to hear her tell stories about all the things in their house. We got some great candlestick holders that are now holding candles on our dining room table!

After dinner, we went back to their apartment and just hung out and talked. And my dad disappeared to "get gas" and he came back with these two things of Monkey Bread from Godfathers pizza. One was caramel and one was cinnamon. It was hilarious because my dad was like a kid when he walked in the door with them---so excited and telling his parents about how good they were. They were apparently for breakfast, but that didn't stop him from eating about half of them! Pictures of the boys just hanging out.

Milly found her snuggle spot on our pillow.

It might have been like 80 degrees in their apartment. Jimmy and my dad were trying to make do :)

Then Jimmy and I went to the guest room in the facility to sleep in twin beds.

One thing I did not foresee myself doing within the first 3 weeks of getting married: Sleeping in the guest room of an assisted living facility with my husband in the other twin bed. Haha. But what can you do? Just go with it....Jimmy was just happy because he was able to control the temperature. He did wake up in the middle of the night and turned it off because it was too cold!

The next morning we were up early to eat the Monkey Bread and some other yummy things my grandma made :) Took some pictures for Grandma and then we were off!!

Heading back to KC, my mom entertained Willy by reading to him. Gotta love road trips :)

We had a great time and were very glad we were able to share our wedding day with my grandparents. They were very very sad they had to miss it, but were so excited and surprised to hear their names were included in part of our priests' homily when he talked about a great legacy of marriages we have to follow---with their 62 years, we certainly do! Cannot wait to go back and see the rest of the Bruns family!

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