Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a wonderful wedding!

This weekend, the majority of my pledge class traveled the short distance from KC to Excelsior Springs, MO for the Otto/Griffin wedding. And what a weekend it was!!!

Vanessa, Chris, Jimmy, and I piled into Jimmy's SUV to make the trek up there---about 15 minutes into our drive while we are passing through downtown...Chris asks Vanessa if she remembered to get the present out of her car with all the other stuff. She freaks out and says she didn't---so they had to show up present-less unless we turned around. About one milli second later, I realize that I left the beautifully wrapped present that Jimmy and I (well me really- everyone knows how that goes) got them on the fireplace!!!!! DANG IT. So that means we were both about to show up presentless. How embarrassing, but instead of turning around and risking being late to the wedding, we kept going realizing that we will see them after their honeymoon and can just exhange presents then. **I even told Adam this at the reception and at first he told me to GET OUT, but then was obviously kidding and said that we are fine. I mean it was an honest mistake :)

When we arrived, we were amazed!! The Elms was beautiful and so historic! What a great place to spend your wedding weekend.

After getting ready and Jimmy admiring Chris' nice new black shoes purchased at Nordstrom earlier in the day, we headed outside. And talk about PERFECT weather. There was not a cloud in the sky, there was the perfect breeze, and the shaded gazebo was just wonderful. Emily looked gorgeous and Adam was smiling ear to ear. They are just so cute. And they freaking crack me up...I love this picture that I stole from Kelly Griffin's facebook album. You can see how fabulous Emily looks and you have to laugh at Adam's facial expression!

My favorite comment of the night had to be from the bride herself. She came up to Larry Duncan and I when we were catching up and Larry looked at her and said "Mrs. Griffin". She just stood there for a second in silence looking at him. Then he finally breaks the silence and says "Well, how does it feel to be Mrs. Griffin?!" Emily's response: "Oh, I thought you were going to tell me a story about Adam's mom". HAHAHA. That comment is right up there with the "human sweater" line and the "I thought Pi Phi was just a nationally pretty sorority" comment from Emily Otto...now Griffin to clarify...herself!

Overall it was a great time and I am currently oozing jealousy that they are in Mexico and I am in Kansas City in the middle of a monsoon.... Can't wait for June 20...the Stratham's tie the knot!!!

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