Thursday, May 31, 2012

31 weeks - 9 to go!

I cannot believe we are already to 31 weeks.  I know I say that every week, but I do feel like the weeks fly by because we have been staying busy!  31 is my favorite number, so I am counting on a great week!!  With a baby shower and bachelorette party this weekend followed by another niece's birthday party - I'm sure we are up for a great time!  It hasn't been off to the greatest start, so hoping those events pick up the slack for this week!!  Onto the bump shots:

He has been keeping active and at the doctor last week he was measuring right on track.  Even though my belly feels/looks huge, it's nice to hear it from the doctor that things are going good!  I enjoyed this past week and weekend to the fullest as next week starts grad school class on Mon and Wed nights and then our child birth class on Tuesday night and then Jimmy has softball on Thursday - so pretty much June is shot!!

How far along: 31 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: 3.5 lbs and 16 inches 
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a pineapple! 
Sleep:  Eh, I'm pretty uncomfortable, but that just means I sleep less and when I wake up 3 times to pee I'm ready to get up and get the day started.  The dogs appreciate the morning walks!
Movement: He's kicking and moving like a crazy man.
Unglamorous body changes: Oh my poor back. 
Food cravings: watermelon - bought THREE this week!
What I miss: hmmm - grilling out and eating a medium steak.  I'm not a fan of well done.
Strange experiences: I'm not going to complain about it yet, but I'll just say that I don't think I have been more frustrated with anything more in this pregnancy than day care.  Caused me some angst and a few tears this frustrating!!
Milestones: His eyes now react to light and all 5 senses are in working order
Best moment this week:  Excited that we are getting ready to take maternity pictures, the nursery and bathroom are coming along AND for a baby shower this weekend.  AND I've had some other fun planning to preoccupy by time this past week gearing up for Lauren's bachelorette party this Saturday night!  Wahoo!! 

Here is also a super fun project I finished last week.  I need to touch up the lines because up close they aren't perfect.  But I got these 9 11X14 canvases and painted them different colors/patterns based on the fabric we are using for the curtains and crib sheet/bumper.  I finally got them hung up just perfectly last Friday above the dresser.  I love how they turned out!!  I just used painters tape on wax paper that acted like a sticker for the dots...turned out pretty good!

The middle one will be gray with green and blue outline with his monogram on it.  But that's not done because we are still up in the air on a name.  Jimmy has his favorites and I have mine!!

Just another side shot to give a better view.  Can't wait to get the curtains and bookshelves up!!


  1. The nursery is darling, Britt! Love love love those paintings. I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Ready to get those curtains up! This room looks amazing! And I could sleep in that glider!