Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kenlie turns 5

This past weekend, our niece Kenlie celebrated turning FIVE!!!  Holy moly, I remember the year when Maren, Eli and Kenlie were all born in 2006/2007 and now they are all going to kindergarten this upcoming school year.  Cannot believe it.

Kenlie celebrated in style at a Barbie-Q which was a fun celebration at her parents house full of family, fun and lots of BARBIES!!  Which I love Barbies, so it was that much more fun for everyone.  Shellie always throws such wonderful parties and goes along so great with the theme.  So there were Barbie's everywhere and Barbie cups and Barbie themed punch and even a Barbie themed scavenger hunt with all of the kids.

Shellie baked a cake that was delicious and lemon and had a BARBIE in the middle!!  Kenlie got to blow out her candles with a Barbie in the middle.  Even better.  I see you are catching onto the theme quickly right?

Then it was time for presents.  She got lots of wonderful presents many Barbie themed - including a Barbie bedroom set, a few more Barbies AND a Barbie laptop even, which she loved.  Well for our present we went with something similar to what I made for Maren for her 5th birthday and for Eli...but a little modified.  I made them dress up carts to hang their dress up clothes and store their shoes that were about 4 feet tall from the Ana White website.  They looked a little something like this but Maren's was purple and pink and Eli's was red and blue.  Instead of a spot to hang her dress up clothes though....

Shellie suggested that Kenlie would really like a place to hang up her American Girl doll clothes.  So that is exactly what I whipped up in the garage.  It was 24 inches tall to account for the 18 inch doll clothes and even had a little spot to store her shoes.  She has Molly the American Girl - which is the one that my sister had growing up (I had Felicity) so that was kind of fun.  She really liked it....

But then Jimmy had the idea to get her Abigail the interactive storybuddy from where else but Hallmark??  We got all the kids Jingle last Christmas and they really liked them and since then Hallmark has come out with more everyday ISB's that are super cute and this little rabbit Abigail is pretty adorable.  Kenlie thought so too - she was pretty much in love with her and she had me sit down and read her like all of the books.  Abigail responds with some cute sayings like "I love my mom" and "I want to grow up".

So after the present opening I had to steal a picture with her.  Look at her awesome shirt that Shellie made too!!  Libbie, her older sister, had a matching shirt but just with a little Barbie silhouette on the top right.  She was having a wonderful night!!

Here were some of the fun decorations that she had out and then the cupcakes!!

We stayed late and and even got to open up some of her presents and start to play with her!  It was a very fun night!

And our other sister in law brought over some of our nephew Will's clothes that he has outgrown for little Baby Carter and boy were they cute!  It's was very fun to hang up the clothes and put the shoes away and imagine of all the fun that is to come with this sweet little boy.

The weekend didn't end there.  On Saturday afternoon, Jimmy and I went to Kenlie's dance recital and watched her dance to the song Day-O.  She was the star of the show in our opinion and has quite the moves!!!  She was like a professional.  And I loved the costumes too!!  Check it out!!  It was so fun to see her after and see how excited she was!!

Cannot believe all these little kids are growing up so fast!!  It feels like yesterday we were just holding them as little babies and watching them learn how to walk and talk - and now they are all grown up!!!!  If I feel like this as an aunt...I cannot imagine how it will feel to be a mom!!!  


  1. Could that video be any cuter?!?

  2. so many things I could comment on this post...but I have to say the picture of you and Kenlie is adorable and great job on the doll clothese closet! love it!