Thursday, May 10, 2012

Starting the 3rd trimester: week 28!!!

And here we are folks - into the third trimester officially.  Last week was a weird week because I feel like some of the baby sites I follow mark that as 27, but most 28.  So when I was at the doctor on Wednesday and she said - "we made it to the third trimester" and she reminded me that I would now start seeing her more often - I knew it was official, official.  Doctor's are always right, right Courtney??

Onto some highlights from this past week.  I'm feeling good - which is a good feeling and am very thankful I have more energy and a better attitude than the last few weeks.  Got a lot accomplished this last weekend and last few days!  I also got a maternity/pregnancy belt a week and a half ago and holy moly.  I cannot believe the difference it makes!!  My back was just killing me everyday and I would plop down in bed every night in pain.  My doctor had another brilliant suggestion - go to a maternity store and buy one of those bands.  She's either super smart or I'm either super ignorant - I'm going with a combo of both.  Once I got it and started wearing it, seriously made an instant difference and I'm a much happier pregnant person.  Getting in lots more walks with Toby and Willy, wore heels TWICE this week to work AND even built some shelves this week (which by the way I will not be building ANY more furniture pregnant - it's not easy getting up and down, up and down).

Other great things included the 3D sonogram with our families last Saturday, making progress on the nursery and for some reason I'm just more calm.  I'm thinking it's because we made it to the 3rd trimester and things are looking good for this healthy little boy so far and that makes me very very happy.  Don't worry - I do have other fun pregnancy symptoms that are not so fun, like how sleep is just a lot less enjoyable...and the whole part about the things I just can't do as well with my growing tying my own shoes and putting lotion on my legs.  We'll just not dwell on those.  But yes, they are there!!!

But lots to look forward to this weekend with Emily's wedding!  I cannot wait for all the fun activities starting Friday to get Emily ready to walk down the aisle!  Wahoo!!

How far along: 28 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: 2 lbs and 14.5 inches 
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a head of an eggplant
Sleep:  Not so great, but I'll live!!  I am so paranoid about sleeping on my back that when I wake up on it I like panic.  It's annoying!!
Movement: Moving lots and lots.  I love when other people get to feel him kick too.  My sister in law Hillary felt a big one and freaked out!!
Unglamorous body changes: Just getting bigger!
Food cravings: I HAD to try the new Sonic Hey Batter Batter Blast (cookie dough and brownie batter).  It was delicious!
What I miss: Wishing for a sushi date night!
Strange experiences: Someone kissed my belly.  Gross and weird.
Milestones: He's developing more fat now and his lungs are getting stronger
Best moment this week: Falling in love.   Now I talk to him more frequently and just stand in the nursery thinking about when he gets here!!  So excited!  Also - my friend Ali is getting VERY close to having her sweet little baby AND my friend Lyssa just announced they are expecting their second to arrive early December - SO PUMPED!

And to cap off this are some great lines from my wonderful husband:

(1) Me trying on a maternity dress.  I asked if he liked it and he says, "Yeah, you can wear that to Heble's wedding".  Um - Heble's wedding is in October.  I mention to him that I will not be pregnant still then and we will have a 3 month old baby.  His response, "Oh yeah, I forget you won't be pregnant at some point"

(2) Us discussing getting me a new wedding band.  Kind of a "push present" type thing, but kind of not because we had already talked about a lot.  He says "Maybe I should wait until the baby actually arrives to make sure you hold up your end of the deal".  I respond with, "JIMMY - the baby HAS to come out at some point so I can guarantee you I will 'hold up my end of the deal'"  Jeez.

(3) We went to another Rhea Lana consignment sale in KC this week and last time Jimmy walked out with an abundance of baby clothes that were all Polo.  This time, he walked out with 2 pairs of baby tennis shoes (Jordan 11s?  He calls them J-11's and of course has a matching pair) for $10.  He showed me these crazy ebay bids that are like for $60!   Seriously?  And where did I find them immediately after we got home?  In the nursery closet proudly on display. Oh Jimmy.

Happy almost weekend!!  Cheers to another week down!

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  1. You are doing so great, and this last trimester will FLY by! Love you!