Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cabbage versus Lettuce

Sunday about 2:30PM we got home from our short weekend tripto Iowa and visiting family.  Jimmy had already invited some of his family over to our house where he was going to smoke burgers.  Except we had no hamburger meat.  Oh and really nothing else to supplement the hamburgers, so it was off to the store for him.  He assured me over and over again that all I was going to have to do when I got home was get in the shower and get ready.  Obviously he is a man.

I made a list for him to take to the store so he knew what to get (yes, even though this was “his” BBQ, I still of course planned the menu).  On that list was a head of lettuce for people to put on their hamburgers.  That’s simple right?

Oh men.  Nothing is that simple.

Jimmy came home with this:
The Cabbage

Do you know what that is?  It’s a head of cabbage.  Not lettuce.  So when I was looking at the receipt and wondering to myself how in the WORLD a head of lettuce would cost $3.29…I saw that it said cabbage.  I told Jimmy he got the wrong thing and asked him why it was so expensive.  He said cabbage is the same thing as lettuce and it was supposed to only be $0.79.  Oh no my dear husband, that sign said “$0.79 per pound” – which is precisely why I do the grocery shopping.  Because I know that this is what a head of lettuce looks like.  And the fact that he swore that he looked everywhere in Hy-Vee and this was the only thing that looked like lettuce and they didn’t have anything else. 

The Lettuce

As much as I didn’t want to go BACK to the grocery store and exchange it…I wasn’t about to have cabbage leaves out for people to eat versus good old fashioned lettuce.  Because let me tell you friends, there is a huge difference in cabbage on your burger and lettuce on your burger.  And Jimmy’s mom and brother and dad and sister-in-law and grandma – yep, I did not think they deserved to be offered cabbage.  So back to the store I went with wet hair and no make-up (because remember, ALL I was going to have to do was shower…) and explained to the customer service people my husband doesn’t know the difference…in which she gave me the same look I gave Jimmy just minutes before at our house.  But she was wonderful, laughed at it and let me exchange it for the actual head of lettuce and then gave me $2 back.  Which then the next day I used at Quik Trip. 

Another one of those wonderful traits of a husband, right?!  Haha.  Again, this is why I do the grocery shopping.  I let him do it every once and a while but he doesn’t like it when he comes home and I go over the receipt saying that he didn’t get this and that on sale and then he gets freaked out because I know that off the top of my head.


  1. Taylor did the exact same thing a couple months ago..I swear they are the same person!

  2. So funny! Jeremy actually does most of our grocery shopping but he would definately turn his nose up at buying lettuce. :)

  3. Oh Jimmy. So funny! Love your photos of the lettuce & cabbage too. I'm still laughing..