Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nursery update!

All right, I really cannot believe this is the last post that I have shared on the nursery.  Boy oh boy have we made some progress since just under than a month ago!!  I continue to search "navy and lime green nursery" and get some good ideas from all over the internet and pinterest, of course!

First of all the stripes on the walls - I have to give credit to Jimmy where credit is due.  He did an amazing job of measuring those out for the big navy stripe in the middle first and then the lime green ones on the side.  After we were pulling off the tape it all turned out amazing and all perfectly level!  I was pretty impressed because that is not an easy feat to accomplish. And then my perfectionism came in handy when I went around 3 times with a small paintbrush in each of the colors and made the lines perfect.  I knew even during the 2AM wake up calls if I had to look up at an uneven line (even just a little bit) I would go crazy.  Needless to say - those lines are perfectly straight.

My mom and I worked on painting the closet and the shelves.  Then I built the shelf and here are a few shots of what that looked like sans doors, with the navy paint and just with the middle shelf sitting there.

And here is what it looks like with the 3 closet bars, baskets from target and Old Time Pottery, my wonderful diaper bag and all the clothes and shoes Baby Carter has accumulated so far.  I will just say he is going to be one stylish little man.

PS All these pictures are horrible quality because I took them all with my phone progressively to send to my parents as we went along.  I need to figure out how to just put them directly on my computer versus sending via email.  But I will. Someday, right?

So then came the other furniture pieces.  We already had the crib and the changing table in the room and I went to lunch one day with my sister and was complaining the whole time how we had gotten so far on the nursery and it was so frustrating that our glider and dresser weren't supposed to come in until mid-June and how I wished they would come in earlier.  Well, apparently someone was listening to that wish or was just sick of hearing me complain because literally when I got back to work that afternoon....BOTH Buy Buy Baby and Nebraska Furniture Mart called to say that the glider/recliner and dresser were in.  UM - lucky day!!  Score!  We ended up going to get the glider first since it was closer and required no assembly.  Since I found the large navy rug for so cheap, I thought I could splurge on the 2 super expensive lime green rugs from Walmart.  JK they were like $10, but I got the square one to kind of designate the "reading area" and then circle one to go under the glider.  Once we finally got it upstairs in one piece due to Jimmy's brute strength, it fit just perfect.  Right next to the lime green kids chair and navy basket I found a few weekends back in the West Bottoms.

The next night that week, we made the trek out to KCK to NFM to get the dresser.  I had read just horrific stories about the assembly and had Jimmy warned.  It actually turned out to be not that bad and fit perfectly and all the parts were in tact - good for everyone!  Very excited to start filling it with little onesies and socks and everything else!!!

There is a better view of the two of the new additions.  I pretty much love them.  Next up?  I'm currently working on some canvas wall art to hang right above the dresser and it's almost done!  I love it so far!

And then...I bought a crib sheet (lime green and white polka dots) off of but it came and it just wasn't the right lime green.  So on Amazon, I found a navy and white striped crib sheet and then navy with white polka dots - ordered them and in they came!  I put the striped one on the crib mattress we got from Tim and Shellie to see how it looked and it's a winner.  Now we need to measure for the fabric and my mom can get to work on the crib skirt, bumper and quilt.  I did find some great sheets that YHL featured on their recent trip to Target that we will probably use for window treatment fabric. Sweetness.

Here is a view of the other side of the room with the crib and changing table.  All these baskets that are lime green and navy were quite the find by my sister at Old Time Pottery in Independence during our Mother's Day shopping adventures.  I had looked past them and she pointed them out and said they were ON SALE.  And guess what?  They were perfect!  Got 2 for some toy baskets and then got 4 to serve as storage under the changing table for diapers, etc.  And then some little ones too!!  Love it!!

I'm almost done hanging up the nursery canvas wall...need to finish putting together and painting the bookcases that will go on the wall by the chair and figure out where I want to hang this circle mirror that I have.  And really figure out if I can paint it white.  I think it would look awesome in here!!  AND figure out a mobile.  I'm thinking I might try to make it so you can use the mobile for the crib and the changing table...but still need to figure that out.  We shall see.  Still have about 2 months left.  Wow, that doesn't seem like much time at all!!  Feels good to be making progress and walking into this makes me so so happy!!  It for sure wasn't everything I had originally planned, but I sure like the way it's shaped up so far!


  1. It's coming together so nicely! Can't wait to see the final touches!

  2. Wow, you guys have made so much progress! It looks awesome and I love the new furniture!