Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Matlock!!!

Emily got married on May 12 (only 10 days ago...).  And it was a pretty amazing weekend all around I kind of wish we could do it again!!!  Full of lots of laughs, friends, family and most importantly topped off with lots and lots of love between this wonderful couple!!  Jeff and Emily are literally perfect for each other - so it was even more fun to help such a wonderful couple celebrate their day.  I remember when they first met and Emily pretty much said she knew this guy was special.  He sure is and we are all so happy that you decided to keep him around forever!!  He's a great catch and lucky to have you!!

Wedding weekend started off with a wonderful bridesmaid lunch at Houlihan's on Friday which was a great kick off to a great weekend!  Vanessa made it just in time from Houston and was so excited to see her!  We all took turns passing sweet Jackson around to give him lots of love.  And then we were off to get our nails done.  And guess what?  When you are 7-7.5 months pregnant, a pedicure is pretty much the best thing you can ask for because you cannot really reach your toes.  It was very fun hanging out at the salon, but then it was time to get ready for the rehearsal.

While Vanessa and I were busy with Emily and her sisters and mom and step mom during the day, Vanessa's husband Chris met up with Jimmy to have some lunch.  Apparently they showed up wearing almost the same outfit to lunch - KU or K-State shirt, KU or K-State hat and gym shorts.  And guess what?  When they showed up to the rehearsal later that night they were wearing the exact same shirt.  Oh man.  Had to document that.


The rehearsal was wonderful and then we were off to Smokehouse BBQ for a delicious rehearsal dinner.  Oh my goodness - it was wonderful BBQ and wonderful company.  There was a great video of Emily and Jeff which showed just how perfect they are for each other and how they were meant to be....even when they were little.  They had matching glasses!  I need to get a hold of one of those pictures and put it on here because it was priceless!!

The next morning we all met up again for a lunch at her dad and Sharon's house with her entire family and it was GOOD!  Sharon always has a delicious meal, including her famous pasta salad, which I honestly cannot get enough of.  It's so good!!  And then it was TIME!  Time to head to the salon and get ready.  They were very nice and even though my hair was a little flatter than I liked, I thought they did a great job on everyone.  But the bride, well her hair and make up was stunning!!  Check her out getting ready and getting the vail in.  And if you can see it, check out that bridal clip.  She looked everywhere for it and I have to say it was PERFECT and matched her beautiful dress!!

This is her "I'm getting married, I look beautiful and I LOVE diet coke" face
Here is a picture that Vanessa got of the whole group at the salon!  I think they were ready for us to leave because we took up a lot of space, but they were very accommodating and very nice!  Everyone left looking stunning!!

From the salon, we were headed to the church to get ready to GET MARRIED.  And guess who got dressed first and looked pretty freaking handsome?!?  Baby Jackson!  Look at his sweet outfit!  He was such a good baby all day and got LOTS of love!

And the beautiful bride spent the afternoon loving one of her two favorite boys before she walked down the aisle.

Like I said, he was getting lots of love all day long. This is a picture I got of Jeff's mom loving on sweet Jackson.  And how stunning is she?   Vanessa and I just kept talking about how beautiful she looked!!

Then it was time for the reveal of the dress.  Now obviously Jackson is pretty young - 6 weeks at this time to be exact.  So if you do your math right, you are probably shocked at how fantastic Emily looks just SIX WEEKS after giving birth.  She was worried at first if she would fit into her dress, but guess what?  It was SUCH a beautiful dress and just looked perfect on her.  I don't think it could have been more beautiful.

The bride and her mom and step mom lacing up the back
And then....it was about time to walk down the aisle!  One last picture that Vanessa got of the 3 of us before it was time to get married!  (P.S. My stomach was a little hard to work with in this dress, so thank you Vanessa for cropping this picture!!  Haha!)

Here are some pictures that Jimmy got walking down the aisle.  First up, the groom waiting for his bride!  Jeff looks so handsome and so excited!!

The bride making her way down the aisle with her dad! She looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

It was such a wonderful ceremony and I'm not going to lie, I cried more than once.  I just love watching brides walk down the aisle and Emily looked just so gorgeous and happy walking down it!! And then the minister read these wonderful letters that they wrote to each other and yep, I cried again.  Especially when they talked about Jackson.  I'm a sucker for babies I guess.

And they DID IT!!  We all hopped in a limo and were off to the reception and took some pictures in between.  I love this picture!  Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Matlock!!!!!!!!

The reception was at Terrace on the Green in Leawood and it was beautiful!  Everything about it was perfect and just screamed Jeff and Emily!  They had a delicious buffet of their favorite foods - which included fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, brisket AND green bean casserole.  YUM.  I love green bean casserole - especially when you eat it when it's not thanksgiving time!

Emily's dad, the best man and her MOH, her sister (Katie) did a wonderful job of giving some funny and heart felt speeches to the bride and groom!

I love these cake cutting pictures (which btw, the cake was beautiful AND delicious!!!).  They show how much fun Jeff and Emily have together...so cute!

And she is laughing so hard she pretty much fell.  Classic.

They danced to their first dance and seriously - look at Emily's dress from this angle.  It is so pretty and was so full and fit just perfect!!

Finally - the dancing, drinking and music began...but not until Emily threw her bouquet!  I love her arm up in this picture and check out her younger sister Lauren in the front with the bridesmaid dress and converse tennis shoes.

We were one of the last people there until the party ended at 12:15 and her crazy fun cousins were STILL on the dance floor.  They were so fun to watch and there was so much fun dancing, catching up with friends and having a GREAT time.  But most importantly - celebrating this wonderful couple who were truly meant to be!  I couldn't be happier and it was such a blessing to be involved in their big day.  Love you guys both so much!!  And cheers to a wonderful wedding!! 

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