Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May is our month

All right people – it’s May 1 and that means the month of being super productive has arrived and the clock is already ticking.  I have one month of no grad school classes and while we were supposed to start childbirth/baby classes tonight…those were canceled by the hospital (WTF, right?).  So now we have to push them to June…which is fine, but that means in June I will be in class from 6-8:30 on Monday and Wednesday nights and then 6:30-8:30 on Tuesday nights.  I wanted to cry about that yesterday, but now I’m over it.  Things happen, right?  I’m the one that is insisting on taking a summer class so I can be halfway done with grad school when this baby comes, so I will deal with it.  Which a jam packed June and July weeknights and weekends, with a baby due August 1 means….a productive May!!

Here is the list that I/we (as yes, Jimmy, you will be helping) will accomplish in May.  Ready, go:

-         - Finish the grout in the bathroom
-         -  Paint the walls
-         -  Hang up the towel racks & shelves above the toilet (well need to purchase these first)
-          - Move the vanity upstairs (wahoo!)
-          - Get the toilet out of the garage and into the bathroom
-          - Evan comes back over to finish the plumbing for the toilet, shower and vanity
-          - Bathroom COMPLETE
-          - Touch up stripes on nursery walls (came out good for the most part, but bled in some places)
-          - Build shelves and paint for closet
-          - Hang up new closet rods
-          - Hang up all the clothes this little man has already in the closet with the hangers we got passed down to us!
-          - Assemble crib
-          - Assemble changing table
-          - Build small bookshelves under the window and hang
-          - Paint side table lime green
-          - Buy fabric for my aunt to make the curtains and bedding
-          - Build 2 cube towers to surround changing table (this changing table was a new addition – will have a bench there at some point, but felt like it was a waste of space for now since the baby won’t need a bench for a long time!)

As far as signing up for classes, that is checked off our list and registering I think is all done. 

Other exciting things in May that are happening include: cousins wedding on Cinco de Mayo, Emily and Jeff’s wedding May 12 (AHHHH – so excited), wedding shower and birthday party the following weekend and then trip to visit my grandparents in Iowa for a few days over Memorial Day.  Throw in there some planning for Lauren’s bachelorette party on June 2 and we have a full month!!  So here we go…nothing stopping us now!

And for the fun of it, here is a cute picture of Milly and Willy.  They were watching some TV with me on Saturday night.....hola chico and chica....

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