Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So in love

It happened over the weekend.  I wasn’t sure what it would take.  And I’m not saying I wasn’t completely smitten and in love with this little guy growing inside me before – but it became oh so more real seeing his face on a big screen.  A sweet little boy that nudges me on a regular basis (oh and he kicks the crap out of me too, but we’ll stick with the sentimental stuff for now)…we got a glimpse of him for a whole 30 minutes and that was it.  He has his mom wrapped around his little finger.  Especially when the sonogram lady said he has my nose.  And yep, he sure does.  I almost lost it – almost – because I was pretty much blown away at the ultimate realization that come late July/early August…he’ll be officially part of the world.  Half me and half Jimmy.  What a combo!  It might seem crazy that 27 and a half weeks into pregnancy is when I officially say that I have fallen in love with him, but I tend to be a visual person in general, so it doesn’t surprise me that this is what it took.  He became so real and so my little boy.

I have seen some pictures of the 3D sonograms that people do now and was curious…so at my 26 week appointment, I asked my doctor about it.  Since things are going good (which is a relief), we won’t need a 3D sonogram from the doctor and she said lots of people like the 3D capabilities and to check out this place across the street from our hospital.  But that I would need to hurry because really after 28 weeks (which we hit that mark tomorrow), he might be too big with less fluid so we couldn’t see as much from the sonogram.  So I immediately checked the place out online and lucky for us they had an April special that was right up our alley in terms of price…AND they had one appointment in the early afternoon of May 5.  Which worked out great because my cousin’s wedding was at 2:30 that afternoon.  My aunt Susan and cousin Brett were also in town from Colorado for the wedding and since the seating area for 10 in the room!!  So it was Jimmy, my parents, my sister, aunt, cousin and then Jimmy’s dad.  His mom was out of town, which was a bummer, but so glad his dad came because he was completely blown away.  I am happy that I made the executive decision to wear shorts versus the dress I was going to wear to the wedding because a dress during a sonogram in general is awkward, but in a room with your family would have been a little more awkward.

The best part about it was that it lasted 30 minutes, so we got to see a TON of this little guy.  We all got to see him moving around, breathing, kicking, open his eyes a few times and lots of moving his hands.  OH – and got full confirmation that he’s a boy.  Like I have pictures of the underside where it’s very clear.  I will keep those to ourselves though, you know just in case later in life a girlfriend of his stumbles upon this blog….haha.  The sonogram technician was hilarious and did a great job too.  Her best lines:

“He has your nose” and the confirmation that he sure does!!
“So next time anyone asks what you did at work today, you can tell them – today I built a kidney and a spleen – and they will never give you grief about being tired again"
“There is the turtle and the turtle head” – and then my dad asking for more clarification because he was confused what she was referring to
“Yep, he’s playing with the cord because he has nothing else to do but wait and grow”, then my mom adding, “Great, just like his mom, always has to be entertained/doing something!!”
“Look at those BIG feet!”

Overall, it might have been one of the best 30 minutes of my life.  It was surreal and was nice to confirm some of the developmental fears that I had deep down, you know like if he has a cleft palette, etc.  Now I know I’m super biased, but I think he’s pretty cute and am excited for his arrival more than ever!!!!!  And I have officially become that crazy mom already that brings pictures to work and shows everyone.  I mean literally anyone who will look at them.  I need to calm down, but it’s just so fun!!  I cannot imagine what it’s like when he’s actually here!!

Onto the pictures…I’ll spare you the 30 minute video DVD we got.  That’s probably something only we have the patience to sit down and watch again and be completely mesmerized!

First she started off in 2D like at the doctor to get his position...it was crazy to see his face, which was much bigger and more developed than at 20 weeks!

 Then came the fun part!  The pictures of his sweet little face!!

Look at those little hands and fingers - they were ALL over the place during the sonogram!

 It looks like he's sucking his thumb in this one, but it might just be his hand by his face.

Look at his sweet, sweet face.  And can you see the resemblance here??  AH!!

And finally his big ole feet that like to kick me straight up under my ribs.  But it's ok - he's worth it.

I have to say a was a little nervous, especially since it was $115 and wasn't sure it if would be worth it...but that 30 minutes was totally worth it and really fun!  I loved getting to have our families there share in the experience too because I think it became so much more real for all of us.  If you live in the Kansas City area, I would highly recommend checking out Belly Image - I thought they did a fabulous job, were reasonably priced and had the most pleasant people working there!!  Even better we walked out there with a DVD of the whole time, about 50 pictures all on a CD and then about 10 pictures they printed off for us.  They even have a super cute maternity clothes store with consignment stuff that I'm going to go back and check out when I have more time!!

After seeing him so much, it kicked my butt in gear to continue our work on the nursery and bathroom.  Seeing lots of progress on both - so that's very exciting!!


  1. I love this post! How is the kid so cute already?!

  2. He is so CUTE! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. He is really freaking cute!!! But why would anyone expect anything else?? :)

  4. So awesome! What an adorable little guy!

  5. These pictures are so amazing! He is adorable already!!

  6. What a great post Brittany! He is precious! I can't wait to see pictures of him when he arrives!