Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Charlie's 14th week!

Well obviously this mama is running behind on these.  However, I seem to get them written and with pictures in a timely manner but just not posted.  Hmmm...

This was what seemed like forever ago already (Halloween week).  We were busy with lots of holiday activities, picture day at school, parties with our friends and then on the weekend some good old hanging out with mom and dad (as usual).  That hanging out time is more a requirement from mom because she still is "hogging" you on the weekends according to your dad.  I tell him to just get used to it.

I'm not quite sure who you are starting to look like Charlie, but the picture of you and me in your jack-o-lantern shirt - well I think we look like twins.  Same nose, same smile, same head positioning.  But the jury is still out on that one.

The big accomplishment this week was you rolled over for the first time.  It was pretty exciting and unexpected.  We were so proud of you!! However, your dad wasn't there to see it so I kept trying to get you to do it again and catch it on video...and well, you just weren't having it.  Hopefully at some point it will become a trend and won't be a one time thing.  It made me think you are so big and independent now  Totally freaking me out.  Speaking of independence - when we picked you up from school on Friday they were just getting ready to give you a bottle when we came so it was all heated up.  We just took it and thought you might be able to last until we got home.  No such thing so I just tried to give you a little while you were riding in the car seat.  Since you used to take forever to take a bottle, I figured it would take the whole way home.  Nope.  Apparently you take a bottle now like a champ.  10 minutes and the 4+ ounces was gone and you were ready to be burped (that means we pulled over to do that, don't worry).  The crazy thing?  I was holding the bottle for you but you put your little hands right up there and acted like you could hold it yourself.  Too soon for that Chaz.

Other highlights from this week:

  • You love Jackson a lot.  It was so obvious at our dinner date with him.
  • You look amazing in a tie.  
  • Baby giraffe costumes are super cute.
  • You love seeing mom's friends!!!
  • You are a rock star in church.
  • Your parents are freaking obsessed with you.

And without further adieu...


So cute in your "picture day" outfit

Favorite 3 month shot

"Methodist" man sweater - according to your father

Hanging with Aunt Jules and Aunt Kristen

Zookeeper father?  

Family halloween picture!!

Just chillin.....

Date night!

My favorite new thing - bottle labels!!!

Crooked smile and stripes

I think Toby will be excited to play football with you when you are older

What is it about a babe in stripes?

Mom and son

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