Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 15 flew by

Ok this week just came and went with a flash.  Not sure what happened to it.  But lots of stuff happened in the mean time...

  • Presidential election coincided with your first "sick" trip to the doctor.  GOod thing that it was nothing and your parents were just paranoid. Just a bad cold.  No ear infection yet.
  • Your little dog siblings - they made quite the mess getting sick all week.  It was gross and no fun
  • Mom took too many naked baby pictures.  But you are just so dang cute in the nude.
  • We have officially entered milk overload.  I'm pumping TWICE as much as what you eat during the day.  Whoa mama.  And then after hearing from a friend that it's better nutritionally to take the fresh milk to day care I'm like what the heck do we do with all the frozen stuff?!  AH!
  • More family visitors came to see you from Iowa - was so fun to see Denny and Sandy.  That meant lots of Bruns family time over the weekend.
  • You were STILL sick and got worse over the weekend.  That meant lots of saline drops and lots of snot sucking.  It also coincided with little sleep for poor Charlie (and parents)
  • Since the doctor said it was best for you to be elevated and suggested you sleeping in your car seat - you are back sleeping in the newborn napper for now because it's got a good incline.
  • The weather got COLD all a sudden
  • And your mom and dad finally started getting stuff ready for your baptism this next weekend!

As always, it was a busy week but looking back this one truly flew by.  I feel like they do now.  I mean only one more full week of work and then it's Thanksgiving.  What the heck!?!?  The holiday's are the best, so lots to look forward to!!!!  Love you little man!!!


  1. Definitely keep your frozen milk! When he goes through growth spurts he'll drink more, and especially as he gets older he'll start eating more too. You'll be glad you saved it even though it might seem silly!

  2. So jealous of your milk supply. You could feed that kid until he's two!

    And, that is the most adorable baptism outfit ever! He's just so sweet. We love you Charlie!