Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet 16

This week was the overall sick week. Not like sick as in cool.  Just plain sick.  Everyone got sick and Charlie, you stayed sick.  We are not sure if you ever got over your first cold that we took you to the doctor the previous week to look at...but it was in full force still.  You got a little bit better over this past weekend, but then as the next weekend came - you seemed to get worse.  AHH!!  We don't like sick babies because it just breaks your mom and dad's heart to hear you stuffed up, couching and overall just not feeling good.  But I guess that is life right - get your little immune system up and running good now so when it's time for kindergarten you will never have to miss a day?!  At least that is what everyone tells me - now let's see if we can survive all the sicknesses now.

Other than being sick, we did try to enjoy the week with you and make you as happy as possible (nothing new with that!).  Mom got to go and meet your new friend Bo, who's parents (Josh and Sarah), your mom and dad are good friends with.  He and little Bennett (another little boy that belongs to mom and dad's friends) are your newest friends, you just don't know it yet.  It's nice because they live so close too I'm sure when you guys get older you will be begging me to go over to their houses to play.  So crazy to think about that.

You are still drooling like a crazy man.  Your teachers think you might be teething.  And you are now that kid at school that is double bibbed.  It's pretty funny when we pick you up.  And now you sport a bib most of the time at home too because otherwise your whole outfit is soaking wet in just a few minutes!!

What else happened?  Well, you got baptized, which was a big deal and so fun!  But you were STILL sick and the coughing seemed to get worse.  So your crazy mom looked on the internet and kept thinking you might have RSV, so into the doctor we went on Sunday afternoon to make sure.  Again, they say you are just fine and fighting a cold.  So we'll bear through it.  The good/bad news is that mom is getting sick too - but I think it might be good because I'm passing on some good cold-fighting anti-bodies onto you when I nurse you (or so they tell me)...so hopefully that helps!!

Also had your first necessary clothes changing at a restaurant.  You projectile vomited all over yourself and your blanket and your car seat at Jose Pepper's on Sunday night when we were out with Susan, Brett and the Bruns clan.  Mom stayed calm and just changed your clothes and then Nana B rocked you to sleep.  Poor guy.  Broke my heart. 

Finally?  This rolling over thing has seemed to stuck.  You like to do it almost every time you do tummy time now.  It's so funny to watch you because it almost looks like you are doing it on accident.  You are on your tummy one second and then all of a sudden - on your back and you look shocked.  It's hilarious but so fun to watch you figure things out and grow.  You are playing and interacting with all your toys more and it's so so fun to see your cute little mind process things. 

Oh Charlie - even sick you are such a cutie and a good baby!!!

Other pictures from the week....

Your dad's creeper mustache - luckily he shaved for your baptism!

"I love life and stripes!"

Cutest little Phi Slamma Jamma pledge ever

Friday nights hanging out with mom.  And watching Scandal....

Saddest sick baby picture EVER.  Breaks my heart.

Bib and a toy.  Standard for you now.

Milly & Willy lounging in the sunshine

Snuggles with mom

Love eating my shirt...


  1. Oooh, poor bubbas! Hope he (and you guys) feel better!

  2. Those school pictures are amazing!!!!! Feel better soon Charlie!

  3. He is one handsome little boy!

    1. Thank you Megan!! I just checked out your blog and it's so cute :) Count me in as your newest follower!