Monday, November 26, 2012

One year ago

One year ago today (the Monday after Thanksgiving), I woke up and knew I was pregnant.  It wasn't just a hunch.  I had taken a test the Saturday morning following Thanksgiving before my family and I piled into the car and headed to Iowa for the weekend.  I knew, but I waited to say anything to anyone (including my husband) just to be sure.  Because guess what...I'm just that kind of girl where I like to make sure 4 eh 5 times....

One year ago today, I went to work with a feeling of anxiousness to call my OBGYN and tell her I think I'm pregnant and see what was next.  When I called and they told me I was 5 weeks pregnant already, I was very shocked (I was pretty much clueless about being pregnant and solely focused on getting pregnant at that point).  I remember walking into an empty conference room, closing the door and making the call.  December 14 was the day my appointment was made.

One year ago today, I pretty much sat at work thinking about how I'm pregnant.  I didn't feel any different (besides my boobs being a little sore), but I knew my life was going to change.

One year ago today, I rushed home from work and took a bunch of silly pictures, loaded them to my computer, put words on them, told Jimmy I had to work on homework upstairs and to not bother me.  He obliged and sat downstairs watching TV.  I was not doing homework...sneaky me.  I was putting together a slideshow of pictures of us throughout our relationship and then putting the pregnancy pictures with my silly face at the end.

One year ago today, I remember that feeling of walking down the stairs and handing Jimmy our computer and telling him to watch the slideshow.  I remember him asking me if this was the same slideshow he had made for me the previous Christmas (!!).  I remember it getting to the end and watching is face as the pictures with words popped up telling him...guess what?  I'm pregnant.

One year ago today, I remember the look on his face.  I will never forget it.  He was smiling ear to ear.  He jumped up to hug me in our family room.  The Christmas decor was up already and it was cold outside.  I remember hugging so hard it hurt.  Because we were so excited.  Then we sat on the couch and talked about how crazy it was and "OMG - our lives are going to change".

One year ago today, we went to bed together and snuggled a lot.  As a family of three.

Today, we will get up and go to work, but this time, we'll have our sweet baby Charlie to wake up and get ready for the day.

Today, I will sit at work not thinking about how I'm pregnant, but will be thinking about how Charlie is doing.  Being thankful that he's feeling better and not as congested and wondering if he is having a good day and eating enough.

Today, we will go home to work together but make an extra stop on the way home than we did last year to pick up our sweet boy at school.  And when we walk into his room and say his name and he looks over at us and smiles - my heart will melt.  And I will fall in love with him all over again, just like I do every time I see him.

Today, we will get home from work and doing our "normal" routine of feeding Charlie, eat dinner, play with Charlie, bath time, story time and bed time.  All together as a family of three.

Today, we will get in bed together and snuggle a lot - with a faint glow in our room of the monitor watching our sweet little boy.  And if he wakes up in the middle of the night, we will be thankful for him.  Thankful that he blessed us with more love than we could ever imagine and more smiles than we thought possible.  We will be thankful that one year ago today, we became* a family of three.

Thank you Charlie for turning our world upside down with love and laughter and happiness.  I'm so happy that when I go to bed tonight, you will be sleeping soundly in the room across the hall and I'll be ready to comfort you, feed you, love you whenever you need me.

Our little family of 3 on Thanksgiving

*ok - so we really "became" a family of three like 3 or 4 weeks before this I know now...but just go with it.  It was the first time I decided to loop Jimmy in on the big news, so just go with it... haha.


  1. So sweet!! It's so fun to think about one year ago. Doesn't seem that long ago, but my how things have changed!

  2. Love love LOVE this post! So sweet! Isn't it crazy how much changes in just 1 year?!