Sunday, November 11, 2012

The first cold

Oh jeez.  In retrospect I'm so happy that it took my little baby this long in his life to get his first cold, but boy oh boy it's hard to watch him deal with it.

Here's how it started. The Sunday morning after his first three days of day care, he woke up with a stuffy nose and I was so sad.  We started the sucking snot and he was feeling ok.  Took him to school on Monday and told his teacher Linda about the stuffy nose.  (I wasn't surprised because there is this one kid in his class that literally every time I went to visit Charlie over lunch he sounds like he is coughing up a lung and is so stuffed up).  Linda suggested the saline drops, so we got those and tried them.  They did work.  A few drops and he will usually sneeze twice and get some of that snot out and then the sucker comes into play.

Which, on a side note, it's funny to show my parents and aunt and uncle the new "nose sucker" these days because they are always in shock.  "You do what?"  Yep, the parents suck the snot out, but don't's impossible to get snot in your mouth.  Sounds gross, but it's not.


Well a whole week went by and he seemed to be doing better...but then the following Tuesday when we were dropping Charlie off at school, his classmate's mom walked in and told the teacher that he had a double ear infection.  I butted into the conversation and asked about his symptoms and she said he was a bit wheezy when he was breathing and stuffed up and that was it.  Well shoot.  I could feel that wheezy breathing in Charlie and he was still stuffed up, so I told Jimmy we had to go to the doctor just in case.  Luckily, our pediatrician's office has walk in appointments 8-9 every morning and 5-6 every we picked him up a little early on Tuesday and got there right at 5.  After a quick appointment, the doctor confirmed it was in fact just a cold and his ears were good.  Which was great.  Especially the next day when we dropped him off, we found out another kid had a double ear infection and another one had a bronchial infection.  Jeez louis!!  At least we were dealing with just a cold here.

But I'm telling you that doesn't make it any easier because he's still so stuffed up and it just sounds like he's miserable.  Two whole weeks later.  What makes me even more sad is that he acts fine for the most part and is the same smiley, happy go lucky baby.  I just hate hate hate the fact when he wakes up and is so stuffed up he is like crying and sounds like he's in pain.  Poor little baby.  We have been letting him sleep in his napper because it's elevated more versus his crib and that is helping a bit I think...but still, part of me wants to just hold him on my chest and sleep in the glider all night long if it makes him feel better.  So now we are googling like crazy random ideas to help with infant congestion.  Got some Vick's things to put in his dehumidifier.  Going to try to steam up the bathroom and hold him in there awhile.  Any other ideas??  Ugh, I am so happy that it's not an ear infection, but still makes me just oh so sad.

I'm guessing that the colder weather is not going to help or the fact that the has to go back to school on Monday with lots of other sick kiddos.  So he still is sick and going on the third week of it.  Poor little baby boy.  But everyone keeps telling me that he not be sick in kindergarten...haha 5 years from now!!


  1. I love the hot model sucking up the snot from the model funny. :) Hope Charlie feels better soon!

    1. Haha - glad you like it. I thought I could be the model, but this lady did a much better job!!!!


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