Friday, November 2, 2012

Working mom rule #1

Rule #1: make sure your kid is fed

At Charlie's school, which I'm guessing is the same as many other infant care places, they send us home each day with a sheet that says how many diaper changes, when he slept and how long, when he ate and how much. We read them, lots of times I enter the info into my phone for tracking purposes, but then they go in the trash (should I be keeping these??!). Well on Wednesday we got one that has something weird on his last bottle. Weren't sure what the statement meant - Jimmy went in to pick him up early because it was Halloween and didn't ask-  so we both went on our merry little ways (Jimmy and I).

Thursday, our normal morning routine and grabbed a few bags of breast milk (newly organized by date) and dropped him off with that. At 3:00 Thursday afternoon....what I thought about for so long finally happened. I missed a call from his school with no voicemail. I immediately go into panic mode and call them right back. Thank goodness he was alive. But apparently he was also very hungry!! Why?? Oh because yes, we read the notes that go home with him everyday and I was even telling my coworkers that I was proud of him because he went from taking 2.5 ounce bottles to 4 ounce bottles. Oh yes, but still at the same intervals. But no, this mom did not take into account that meant I actually needed to bring more milk during the day. Yep, the call was...."um, Mrs Carter, Charlie is out of milk and we don't think he will make it until you come pick him up.". Then after a huge sigh of relief from me that that was all the call was about (heaven forbid it was something else...and you wouldn't believe the things that were going through my head!), I said no problem, that I was sorry and I would be there in 10 min or less to feed him.

And with that, I was out the door and at his school in no time. Luckily they called with some time to spare and he wasn't in all out meltdown mode yet. So instead of my regular 3:30 pump session at work, I got to nurse my little man which is way better! I was there, fed him and back to work in as much time as it would take me to pump- so no time wasted. But boy did I feel bad. I even made Jimmy go in alone to pick him up because I was kind of embarrassed. Rookie mom mistake. At least I will hopefully never do it again!

So there you have it. First full week of school for Charlie and first full week of work for me as a mom is in the books. Luckily we have a funny story to tell now, right??!  And now will abide by rule number one to feed the kid!!

In other news, we went to dinner last night with the Matlocks.  I cannot believe Jackson is already 7 months!!  So fun and he's so cute and such a little squealer.  Well, we did an official "meet and greet"...even though they already met at the pumpkin patch, but this was like a real face-to-face now that Charlie is a little older.  And this is one of the hilarious pictures I got.  It makes me laugh because it looks like Jackson is angry at Charlie and is trying to swing a fist but Jeff is holding him back.  And Jimmy and Charlie both look very confused.  I feel like it could win like a baby picture caption contest....don't worry in reality they love each other.

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  1. OMG, that picture is PRICELESS!!! I hope they reenact it some day when they're older :)