Thursday, November 15, 2012

My two loves

I bet when you saw this title you thought "ahh - another sappy post about Jimmy and Charlie because those are Brittany's two loves".  Psych.  I got you on this one.  While they are absolutely the two loves of my life, this post is not about them at all.  It's about two things I'm loving in life, today, tomorrow, whenever.

Number 1: Leggings

Source (don't worry, I don't wear them like this...)

So when leggings first started to get popular a while ago, I was that girl that was like "omg who are these girls/women that think leggings are pants?  Come on."  Well - fast forward to being pregnant and then not being pregnant (obvs that is the next step).  I pretty much lived in these Target black leggings my entire pregnancy.  I wore them whenever and wherever I could.  It was nice because maternity shirts are longer and usually cover the junk in my trunk (which I think was my original concern and the reason for my judgey comments as a non-legging owner).  I had 2 pairs.

And after you are pregnant, there is this baby that rules your life/world/sleep/everything...but guess what?  There is also something still there that no one tells you will still be there.  Something that I thought in my magical little head would somehow completely disappear and even get tighter (*gasp*) when I left the hospital with my little baby.  That something is your stomach that still pretty much looks like you are pregnant right after the baby comes.  So all those pre-pregnancy clothes that you were like - "OMG I'm so happy to not be pregnant anymore and have more clothes choices"...yep, forget about those.  Some will fit, but none of my pants fit good and if they buttoned I had a serious muffin top going on.  Enter these $8 leggings.  My best friend (not to be confused with my brest friend).  I wore them pretty much like every day of maternity leave.  Because they were like sweat pants, but nice for summer time and kind of sorta looked like you actually changed out of pajamas (even though many times they WERE my pajamas - yes, I was that new mom).

But anyway - I loved them and still love them.  Leggings.  I know they are very in and stylish now and I could buy other colors and be trendy.  But I'm boring and stick with my faded black $8 mossimo leggings.  I even wear them to work - but I usually wear them only with dresses.  No hootchie-mama pants to work.  That's in the dress code.  Do you like leggings?  Do you wear with normal shirts and let your bootay show/hang out?  Just wondering if anyone else is obsessed with these ok-in-public-pajama-pants.

Number 2: QuikTrip

This is no secret at all.  Every summer I look forward to the day when QuikTrip starts selling their fountain drinks for 69 cents.  Well, it was 49 and then 59 but I'm pretty sure last summer was 69 (dang inflation).  When Lauren and I lived together it was almost a nightly thing that one of us would go get QT drinks for each other.  Jimmy and I looked at a house right next to a QT and I seriously considered buying the house because of that location.  I didn't even like the house.  No lie.  I like QT that much.  The fountain drinks, hot dogs and taquitos - what else does a girl need?  Oh yeah, and they have free air for your tires and clean bathrooms.  Score.

Well today I went to Party City over lunch to spend way too much money on buy some decor for Charlie's baptism party this weekend (I will tell you it's weird to be almost done with a post and that was the first time I typed Charlie's name...) and on the way back to the highway there was a brand new QuikTrip that was now open that Jimmy had just been telling me about the other day.  So I had to stop in and get a drink.  And they are the only place that has diet coke caffeine free in a fountain drink WITH cherry that I can add - YUM - so it's pretty much my favorite.  What was different about this stop?  Well this was a brand new QT, as I mentioned, but it was like a whole new concept store.  And it was SOOOO nice.  Oh my.  QT's are always clean (which is awesome), but this was laid out almost like a self-serve restaurant (if those exist).  Fountain drinks on one side, tea and coffee on the other, a coffee bar and a spot for the hot food.  I walked in and felt like I was in heaven and wanted to just walk around looking at all the cool stuff.  Lucky for me, I have a job and couldn't spend the afternoon walking aimlessly around a QuikTrip, but man oh man.  It made me want to go back.  Bad.  And the drink?  Well that was perfection as always.

Anyone else love QuikTrips or is that just me?  We eat dinner there sometimes (don't tell anyone....)

So that's it. My two meaningless loves of the day.  If you made it through this whole post, I commend you because it was pretty random!!  But I was reminded of both today because I wore leggings and I went to QT.  It's a deep love, if you cannot tell.

An now I'm nodding that means it's bed time.  And that also means it's almost FRIDAY!  Wahoo!!


  1. I LOVE QT! It's just the best. I like leggings, but I wouldn't say I love them. I just don't wear them all that often. I have worn them with my ba-dunk-a-dunk hanging out before (with longer shirts), but I most definitely feel more comfortable when paired with a dress. Hmm...maybe I should give it another try...they are SUPER comfortable.